MiniSorter MST-R

MiniSorter MST-R

Reduced water consumption through recirculation

The Minisorter MST-R is used as the final stage in screening. In contrast to the MiniSorter MST, it has a re-circulation stage that allows longer running intervals.

The MiniSorter MST-R also reduces wash water consumption due to the re-circulation principle. Its main task is to prevent dirt concentration in the screening loop and to minimize fiber loss. It can be operated continuously, thereby eliminating fluctuations in consistency. Depending on material, technical and technological factors, throughputs of up to 45 metric tons / 24 hours are possible. The MiniSorter MST-R is available in three sizes with a total screen surface of 0.42 to 1.25 m².

The Minisorter MST-R is used in LC and MC screening. It can be equipped with a step rotor for removal of large-surface spinning contaminants or a foil rotor for very gentle screening.


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