Premium covers for the highest requirements in the calender

The NanoPearl series represents the most modern and efficient generation of elastic roll covers for every type of calender. The NanoPearl technology allows clear gains in running time and increased calender availability.

What is special about the NanoPearl roll cover is its two-component filler system with nanoparticles. It consists of a hard core and a soft elastic modification. The latter acts as an absorbing spring and thus helps to reduce vibrations. Thanks to the NanoPearl material, heat development is noticeably reduced, which substantially lowers the drive power required and thus energy consumption. Another cost reduction results from the decreased maintenance costs, since NanoPearl has an excellent surface with high wear and abrasion resistance. Calender availability is thus increased. In addition, the outstanding thermal characteristics of the roll cover provide for very high operational reliability.

NanoPearl is available for supercalenders, soft calenders and multi-nip calenders.


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