Less wear and longer rope service life

PrevoRope is a rope carrier system for threading paper webs. It consists of a rope tensioner and rope drive and is available for one, two or three ropes.

The PrevoRope Tensioner pneumatically creates tension and is available in vertical and horizontal designs. It replaces weight-loaded rope tensioners or obsolete, defective rope tensioners. With the PrevoRope drive, the ropes are triple-wrapped around the drive disk to prevent slippage between drive and rope. It can be used as a replacement for detachable rope pulleys on old Pope rollers. With this device, better threading efficiency and cost savings are achieved through less rope wear.

Components such as rope sheaves (PrevoRope Sheaves), rope retraction devices (PrevoRope Retraction Unit) for scanners or edge trims, and rope speed measurement devices are also available.


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