PrintTech-S M

PrintTech-S M

Improved sheet contact and tail threading

PrintTech-S M is a 1.5-layer dryer fabric that is used in graphic paper machines. Due to its outstanding sheet support and runnability, web draw and sheet breaks are reduced.

PrintTech-S M has a higher number of contact points to improve sheet control. Conventional dryer fabrics contact the sheet using the machine direction (MD) yarns. PrintTech-S M utilizes both MD and cross direction (CMD) yarns to increase fabric contact points for improved sheet control and improve runnability.

The paper side fabric structure of PrintTech-S M incorporates additional contaminant resistant materials which also provide a smooth topography to resist the build up of contaminants to maintain the permeability effective evaporation from the sheet. PrintTech-S M has a higher degree of dimensional stability and CMD bending stiffness which interacts well with the sheet control systems.

PrintTech-S M is produced with SynStron materials which have a modulus 20% higher than conventional yarns used in dryer fabrics. This is responsible for noticeably less abrasion, a high level of seam strength and resistance to chemicals which all contribute to extending the operating life of the PrintTech-S M dryer fabric.


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