Servo-hydraulic line load control

Servo-hydraulic line load control

Trouble-free winding and reduced paper loss

Servo-hydraulic control of loading and unloading cylinders gives an optimal winding structure. This lack of load increase is particularly important in the transition from primary to secondary winding.

Servo-hydraulic control ensures a precise winding structure over the entire process by means of a controlled line load path. The line load transfer from primary to secondary winding takes place without any damaging load increase.

The winding tightness can be adapted and reproduced in a product-specific fashion with programmable winding paths. The required pressures in the hydraulic cylinders are controlled, taking into account geometric and weight influences. Paper loss (residual slab) is reduced – for example, by up to 1.75% with 2,800 mm full reel spool diameter.

Servo-hydraulic control is used instead of conventional pneumatic or hydraulic activation. Hardly any mechanical parts have to be replaced in a conversion.