Maximum dry content due to an ingenious product combination

The SolarMax combination of roll cover and press fabric maximizes the dewatering in the press. Higher dry content and better paper quality are the result.

Individually, each product already helps to improve dewatering. But together they make an unbeatable team for fast-running paper machines. Due to its polymer network structure on the roll side, the E-Flex press fabric can optimally bridge the grooves of the SolarFlow polyurethane suction press roll cover. Due to deeper grooves and smaller land width, the innovative SolarFlow groove concept provides for a surface with a larger water absorption capacity. E-Flex is the optimal counterpart for SolarFlow, since it facilitates especially uniform dewatering through its network structure. The dry content in the press section can be increased through this product combination. In addition, the increased water storage capacity of the press fabric and roll cover allows a reduction or stoppage of the vacuum created in the suction roll, so additional energy can be saved.

SolarMax is used in the press section of machines designed to maximize dewatering performance.


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