Flexible wrapping system for protection of the paper roll

Twister is a flexible wrapping concept for paper rolls. Thanks to the use of a packaging paper format for all paper roll dimensions, the wrapping system takes up noticeably less space.

The logistical outlay in roll wrapping can be noticeably reduced thanks to Twister technology, which is based on the principle of spiral winding. Starting with the roll diameter and the required number of packaging paper plies, the Twister control automatically calculates the setting angle of the unwind unit and its lateral traversing speed, as well as the rotational speed of the paper roll. The entire roll is wrapped in a single wrapping sequence with only one single packaging paper format. Twister is thus suitable for all different paper roll dimensions.

Twister is the ideal new system for paper roll wrapping and is also suitable as a supplement to existing wrapping systems or for upgrading existing transport systems.


Twister (2.02 MB)