Hydraulic Starter for Engines

Voith EcoStart™

Hydraulic Starter for Engines

The EcoStart hydraulic starter combines safety, reliability and zero emission start-up to exceed increasingly stringent environmental regulatory mandates while improving performance for engines in the range of 300 – 11,000 HP.

The advanced design efficiently utilizes hydraulic energy to provide precise control for reliable engine starts without emissions. With its impressive starting capacity/frequency (e.g. 3 starts at 30 seconds with a short recharge time), slow roll and soft start capabilities, and smaller footprint, EcoStart is the ideal replacement for gas, electric and compressed air starter systems.


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Inside the EcoStart Hydraulic Motor


  1. Engagement pressure connection
  2. One way clutch
  3. Disengagement spring
  4. Engagement spring
  5. Pinion


Voith EcoStart™ - Hydraulic Starter for Engines

Voith EcoStart™ - Hydraulic Starter for Engines

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Features and Benefits

  • Zero emission starting
  • Eliminates fugitive emissions with electric motor for system pump
  • Slow roll capability eases maintenance turns and eliminates potential personnel injury from back drive of manual crank
  • Improves starting capacity/frequency with multiple start attempts and significantly reduced recharge times
  • Smaller package footprint with simplified piping
  • Single skid that allows for the starting of multiple engines with one installation
  • Quiet operation with less than 83dB at 1 meter
  • Soft start capability reduces wear and tear on starter motors and engine components
  • Optional black start ability available to ensure hydraulic charge is retained if power loss occurs
  • Utilizes available station power supply and requires only a few amps to operate
  • Remote operation—full integration with engine and station control architecture
  • Rugged construction allows unit to be placed indoors or outdoors (Non-Ex and optional ExProof designs)
  • No piping to engine head or cylinders required

Technical Data

 Max Torque  472 Nm
 Max Speed  4,500 RPM
 Hydraulically Pre-Engaged  40 MM Engagement
 Engagement Pressure  6 Bar (87PSI)
 Soft Engagement  Via Engagement Spring
 Size 95" X 67" X 91"
 Weight  5,000 lbs.