Marine Engineering

Propulsion system technology is of the essence - and propulsion system and vessels design must match. Voith provides both: propulsion systems tailored to the application in question and the Voith Water Tractor as a comprehensive solution. From harbor tugs to fireboats: Voith has the answer.

We develop complete Voith Water Tractors specifically adapted to the requirements of our customers. In addition, we provide propulsion solutions tailored to a wide range of special ships. Voith Schneider Propellers, Voith Radial Propellers and Voith Turbo Fins ensure that all vessels reach their destinations safely and environmentally-friendly. Be it a wind farm installation vessel or a megayacht: We have the suitable propulsion solution for you.

When huge container vessels call at the Israeli port of Haifa, the comparably tiny "Ilan" is never far away. The Voith Water Tractor may seem small but is extremely powerful. With an amazing bollard pull of 70 tons, it safely maneuvers enormous vessels into the port.

With the Voith Water Tractor, Voith offers a turn-key solution for many special ships - from harbor tugs to fireboats. Precise maneuvering and safe sailing are of the utmost importance.


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Service Spectrum

A team of experienced marine engineers and naval architects provides a broad
range of design services starting from Concept Design through the
Classification Design up to consulting services and supervision during the
construction of the vessel.

With these ship design capabilities Voith Turbo Marine Engineering is able
to find economical and technical system solutions - tailor-made for the

Voith Turbo Marine Engineering offers integrated ship concepts including a CFD optimised hull form, structural analyses and the design of the ship's hull as well as the ship's outfitting and machinery systems.

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  • Ship design:
    • Concept Design
    • Hull lines generation
    • Prognoses of resistance and bollard pull
    • Seakeeping
  • Hydrostatics:
    • Intact stability
    • Damage stability
  • Hydrodynamics:
    • CFD-based hull optimization including propulsion system
  • Documentation:
    • Lines plan
    • General plan
    • Tank plan
    • Stability documentation

Hydrostatic calculation of a load case for a tug
Wave pattern of a tug
Hull shape of a tug
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Strength calculation

  • Dimensioning of the ship structure in line with the regulations of the relevant classification society
  • Local vibration calculations, e.g. for:
    • Superstructure
    • Shell
    • Decks
    • Bulkheads
    • Tanks
    • Radar mast …
  • Ship structure integration calculations for:
    • Voith Schneider Propellers (VSP)
    • Main and auxiliary machinery
    • Gensets / Equipment
    • Deck equipment …

Vibration analysis for the bridge and radar mast assembly
Calculation model: Deck structure and A-frame
Calculation model for VSP integration
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Ship machinery systems

  • Compilation of outline specifications for selected components
  • Room and space analyses as well as specification of the position and size of the engine room
  • Selection and arrangement of main components including weight and center of gravity calculations, e.g. for:
    • Main engines
    • Diesel generators
    • Voith Schneider Propellers
    • Couplings and drive shafts
    • Pumps
    • Separators
    • Pressure vessels and compressors

Drive train arrangement with VSP, Turbo Coupling and main engine

  • Dimensioning of all ship systems and compilation of diagrams e.g. for:
    • Lubricating oil system
    • Fuel system
    • Cooling system
    • Bilge water system
    • Ballast water system
    • Compressed-air system …

Fuel system diagram
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Ship outfitting

  • Selection and arrangement of the ship equipment:
    • Bollards and fairleads
    • Doors, windows and hatches
    • Stairways, ladders and railings
    • Anchoring, towing and warping equipment
    • Internal and external fire fighting equipment
    • Rescue and safety equipment
    • Fenders
    • Signal mast
  • Arrangement of main components including mass and center of gravity
  • Compilation of arrangement drawings for the ship equipment

Foreship with anchor and warping winch, fairlead and bollard arrangement
Aftship with A-frame, towing hook and towing winch, bollard, fairleads and fenders
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Hull Structure

  • 3D modeling of the ship's steel structure and compilation of drawings for:
    • Midship section
    • Shell expansion including ice strengthening
    • Decks and stringers
    • Longitudinal walls and bulkheads
    • Transverse walls and bulkheads
    • Bulwark
    • Deckshouse
    • Bridge
    • Foundations for heavy equipment
    • Significant horizontal, longitudinal and transverse sections
    • Main engine foundation
    • Welding table
  • Material summary for plates and profiles

Stern including A-frame and bulwark
Midship section with foundation for main engine and VSP
Superstructure including funnel and bridge
Propeller Thrust Plate for Voith Schneider Propeller
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