Voith Inline Thruster Propulsor

Precise maneuverability and high reliability

The initial idea was to develop a propulsion system with minimum vibration and noise emissions. The result is a rim driven propeller powered by a permanent-magnetic electric motor. The thruster system requires neither axle nor shaft or gearing. VIPs/VITs impress by their prompt steering and can also be retrofitted as propulsion systems or thrusters. If required, the propeller blades can be replaced individually.

That is fascinating technology lending itself to a wide variety of applications. Voith Inline Propellers (VIP) are used as propulsion systems for passenger boats, barges and large yachts. Voith Inline Thrusters (VIT) are used as propulsion systems or thrusters.

With a power of 1.5 MW, Voith has built the world's largest RIM DRIVE transverse thruster in use today for a Danish offshore jack-up vessel. Another very specific application are the Swing Out Fully Azimuth Thrusters which can be extended out of the vessel hull and can be turned endlessly through 360 degrees. This technology is particularly suitable for megayachts and offshore supply vessels.


  • more efficient transmission of electric drive power due to absence of gears and shafts
  • higher thrust efficiency compared to conventional thrusters
  • few movable wear parts, no dynamic seals
  • motor is protected against water ingress
  • propeller is supported by a sea-water lubricated slide bearing patented by Voith


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The Reference in Silent Thrusters. Voith Rim-Drive Technology in Yachts

The Reference in Silent Thrusters. Voith Rim-Drive Technology in Yachts

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Voith Inline Thruster VIT Installation

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Voith Inline Thruster

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