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Rail Vehicles

Rail Vehicles

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With What Counts in Rail Vehicles: The Sum Total of All Parts.

Mobility is one of the megatrends. An increasing number of people and companies are on the move globally - they travel and wish to meet other people. Regardless of the distance. Rail travel makes many things possible. Personal encounters and uncomplicated exchange of goods are indispensable in the real world. With our components and systems, we make rail travel possible at higher speeds, with greater comfort, reduced energy consumption and lower emissions. In this way, we contribute significantly to ensuring mobility in the future. Worldwide.

"Thanks to the close co-operation with Voith we were able to carry out the refurbishment of our transmissions without any trouble. The exchange unit saved us downtimes of six to eight weeks, as well as a huge amount of coordination work.“

Heinz Moser,
Manager Tram, Bernmobil, Switzerland.

Product of the month: Voith RailPacks

Complete Drive Systems for all Types of Rail Vehicles

The prototype of a diesel-electric RailPack 400DE for a hybrid vehicle in China
The prototype of a diesel-electric RailPack 400DE for a hybrid vehicle in China

Be it diesel-hydraulic, diesel-mechanical or diesel-electric rail vehicles – by accumulating decades of experiences Voith is one of the world's leading systems suppliers for all types of diesel drive systems.

With a total of over 1,000 delivered drive packages, Voith systems have long established themselves in the market. Apart from being installed in railcars such as the British Class 185, they are also in service in special rail vehicles like the UST 02 of Gleisbaumechanik Brandenburg. For the new Atribo railcars of the Polish manufacturer PESA Voith currently delivers another 80 RailPacks 400DH fitted with Voith T 211 turbo transmissions.

The Right Products for Any Application

Voith components & systems for rail vehicles allow better efficiency, higher speeds, more comfort and maximum reliability. In this way we are safeguarding a significant portion of mobility. Today and worldwide.