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We have changed our name, but not our high-quality service. Our new name, Voith Hydro Services, better reflects the full range of our work in the hydropower generation industry.
With Voith Hydro Services, you get:

  • Efficient custom solutions
  • Experienced welders and machinists
  • Reduced outage time and longer-running machines

The Voith Hydro Service Difference

Voith Hydro Services is the premier specialist in field machining, cavitation repair and outage services for the hydropower generation industry.
Voith Hydro Services uses state-of-the art technology and equipment to create innovative solutions to maintain and repair hydroelectric equipment. We specialize in on-site work, delivering custom solutions to you quickly, safely and efficiently.


The Voith Hydro Services difference means you will:

  • Significantly reduce outage downtime
  • Prolong the life of turbine and runner components
  • Restore components to meet OEM standards
  • Ensure environmentally friendly repair


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Custom Solutions

Voith Hydro Services offers a unique, customized approach to solving your problems. We evaluate each situation and devise the most effective solution to ensure the shortest possible down time, saving you time and money.

Case Studies

A leading supplier of hydropower in the Midwest found itself faced with a problem.
Over the course of time, settling had occurred in the unit because of concrete growth. As a result, the facility was experiencing repeated issues with alignment. Up to that point, the company had been relying on quick fixes, but it had recently become obvious that without a permanent solution, a costly problem was imminent.

The Voith Hydro Services team responded quickly. The first step was to install a large boring bar in the unit. Then, using a reading from the fixed generator stator, we determined we could reposition the turbine components by aligning our boring bar to the generator and then re-cutting the embedded component seating surfaces.

The solution effectively re-aligned the unit, getting the company back on line quickly. The customer found that with the re-established embedded components, it was much easier to install the unit, and the unit now maintains its center.

A customer on the East Coast came to Voith Hydro Services with a Kaplan runner hub with excessive leakage issues.
Engineers at Peak Hydro Services’ parent company, Voith Hydro, created a new design, but installation required machining of the runner hub in place.

Voith Hydro Services designed and customized the machine tool setup to make the machining possible. No other bidders on the project were using a setup of this type, and could not meet the pricing requirements of this customer.

Using customized solutions and innovative technology, Voith Hydro Services adapted and efficiently devised a solution to meet this customer’s needs.

A West Coast customer came to Voith Hydro Services with unit deterioration.
The vintage unit was made from carbon steel and had been repeatedly repaired using conventional methods for the past 60 years.

Voith Hydro Services devised a solution to keep the unit operable. The long term solution was to machine and undercut all of the surfaces, then overlay in stainless steel. The unit was then machined back to original specifications.

Now, the unit is as good as new.

Voith Hydro Services does not devise a Band-Aid solution, but instead works efficiently and with the highest quality to ensure you can continue to stay online and on budget.


Voith Hydro Services offers custom field machining equipment, which allows for turbines to be machined in place. Embedded components are restored to their OEM standards. Voith Hydro Services has developed and patented methods of overlaying the discharge rings of Kaplan and Francis units.

Voith Hydro Services has developed many different certified welding procedures specifically for the hydroelectric turbine industry.


Experienced Welders and Machinists

Voith Hydro Services personnel are certified by the American Welding Society (AWS). We hire only the most highly trained welders and machinists.

Our craft labor pool boasts an average of seven years welding and machining experience. Our supervisors have a combined 75 years of experience in welding and turbine repair.

Voith Hydro Services works under ASME standards and uses strict WPS's and PQR's guidelines established by our welding engineers. All welders are tested and must pass X-ray examination in the 2, 3 & 4G positions.

Voith Hydro Services also offers four certified welding inspectors to our customers with both practical and engineering backgrounds.




Engineering Expertise

One of the advantages of Voith Hydro Services is our relationship to Voith Hydro. With access to the engineers who are responsible for building and installing one-third of the world's hydropower force, we have unparalleled assistance innovating and troubleshooting. We work as a team to build and then service turbines and components for projects including:

Past Projects


  • Bath County Pumped Storage
    Dominion Generation
    Warm Springs, Virginia
  • G.M. Shrum Generating Station
    BC Hydro
    Hudson's Hope, British Columbia
  • Raccoon Mountain Pumped Storage
    Tennessee Valley Authority
    Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • Racine Hydro
    American Electric Power
    Racine, Ohio
  • Scott Falls
    Brookfield Power
    Wawa, Ontario, Canada
  • Wanapum
    Grant County P.U.D.
    Grant County, Washington