Tank Construction and Refurbishment
Your qualified and acknowledged partner
Voith Industrial Services is your qualified and acknowledged partner in the construction of new storage tanks and in maintaining and reconstructing existing storage tanks made of steel.

Tank Construction and Refurbishment

Over decades, Voith Industrial Services has constructed tanks for the oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical industries, ranging in size from 175 m³ to 100,000 m³.
We have also carried out the design, construction and inspection of conventional
and double-walled tanks. Along with building new tanks as an EPC contractor, we carry out maintenance and reconstruction services for storage tanks.

Our Range of Services

Tank construction as an EPC contractor

  • Consulting
  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Calculation
  • Purchasing
  • Construction
  • Erection

Tank refurbishment services

  • Maintenance and repair
  • Modifications and reconstruction
  • Upgrading

Own hydraulic lifting equipment available

Our References – EPC and Refurbishment/Maintenance Contracts

Our many reference projects show that our expertise is comprehensive. Over the years we have built and renovated tanks throughout Scandinavia, Greenland, the United Kingdom and Eastern Europe.


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Product information sheet
Press Releases

Three new tank construction projects at Statoil Refining Denmark

Voith Industrial Services builds two new tanks and modernizes an existing tank in Denmark. Another large order from Statoil Refining Denmark in Kalundborg.

The challenge in the current project consists in modernizing or building three tanks at the same time. Various types of modernization work are to be carried out on an oil tank 15 meters high and 50 meters wide. Two other tanks are being completely rebuilt.

Refurbishment of storage tank with double floating

Voith Industrial Services is awarded the contract for refurbishment of an existing storage tank at Statoil Refinery in Kalundborg, Denmark.

The tank has a diameter of 50 meters and a height of 15 meters. Statoil wants to extend the lifetime and modify the
tank to newest standard.

Tank construction and refurbishment is part of the service offering of Voith Industrial Services A/S. You want to get to know our complete range of service? Learn more:

* Under license of Voith GmbH. Voith Industrial Services ceased to be part of the Voith group of companies since 1 September 2016.

   In 2017 we will have a new company name.