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Clear rules are important to us

Trust and credibility are the basis of our business
Employees commenting on the Voith Code of Conduct
The trust that we receive from our customers, owners, employees and the public depends critically on the conduct of each individual in the company. It is founded on strict compliance with the law and with all of our internal rules.
Voith is aware of its responsibility to society, and it acts accordingly. We recognize the duty of our company and our employees to serve the common good. The purpose of this Code of Conduct is therefore to summarize the norms that must be observed by Voith employees worldwide in order to ensure the continuation of the company's long tradition of honesty and decency.

Whistleblower scheme


    Tingting Yu

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    Compliance help desk

    Our whistleblower scheme

    Our Compliance Management System aims to establish an active value system and reinforce the staff's individual responsibility, going much further than straightforward compliance with legislation and regulations. This includes acting jointly to prevent and combat conduct that financially harms or discredits our company, staff or partners.

    Through the company-wide whistleblower scheme, we are providing all staff and external individuals with a mechanism to ensure that conduct within the company complies with the law and that breaches are detected.

    If you discover wrongdoing, please do not be afraid to report it. Your superior as well as the personnel department, your compliance officer and any member of the Compliance Committee are available to help you with this.

    If you do not wish to speak to the people in these positions, or you wish your information to remain anonymous, you can contact the help desk staff listed below, who will naturally treat all information as confidential in accordance with the law.

    Whistleblowers who report wrongdoings for ethical or moral reasons are not informers. They are giving significant assistance in safeguarding both our constitutional values and the values by which we work together in the company. Please bear in mind, however, that the statements you make about others could lead to decisions that will have consequences for these people. We ask that you only make information available to us which, to the best of your knowledge, is accurate.

    With your help, therefore, criminal activities can be exposed at an early stage, offenders can be investigated and further harm can be avoided in the future.

    You can contact any of the people listed. At the very least English will be spoken along with the language of the country. Please note the normal office hours for the country in each case, as the contact persons are normally only available at those times.

    Please note that, for the time being, our electronical whistleblower scheme is not yet in operation for information related to France and Norway because the necessary authorizations from the authorities concerned in these countries are not yet fully in place. Once they are in place, it will be possible to use the whistleblower system in these countries too. Information passed on in a manner which disregards these rules will not be processed through the whistleblower scheme; any information submitted will be deleted or destroyed.

    Legal notice

      Here we inform you, how we handle your note/report, which you have provided under your name or anonymously using the whistleblowing system and how we make sure, that your identity as whistleblower will be kept confidential.

      Confidential treatment

      Note or reports will be received by specially appointed Members of the Voith Law Group. Notes and reports shall be made only to these employees. The appointed members of the Voith Law Group receive the facts of the issue and will possibly forward it to another internal person, e.g. the compliance officer of the respective operating unit for further investigation. In case of suspicions regarding certain issues also a transmission to a competent law enforcement authorities (e.g. public prosecutor) comes into consideration. In the course of further investigations it can be necessary, to make available notes or reports to further employees of the Voith GmbH & Co. KGaA (e.g. to the internal audit) or to employees of other Voith Group companies, e.g. if notes refer to acts which are related to such other Voith Group companies.

      The further investigation of notes and reports is strictly confidential. Your name or any circumstances, which could disclose your identity as whistleblower, will not be disclosed to the accused person or to the public; however, disclosure may be necessary, e.g. because of mandatory law.

      You will not suffer any disadvantages in case of a prudent use of the whistleblowing system. In case of abuse, e.g. in case of a willful reporting of wrong facts in order to discredit a person, we reserve the right to take measures against the whistleblower.

      Information of the accused person

      In certain cases we are obliged to inform the accused person about the fact that we received a note or a report about such person, as soon as such information of the person does not jeopardize the further investigation itself. Your identity as whistleblower will be – to the extent legally permitted – not disclosed and we will make sure, that no other information will be disclosed, which allows any conclusions regarding your identity.

      Duration of saving data

      We will save the received as long as this is necessary for further investigations or as long as we are forced to save the data pursuant to mandatory law. Subsequently we will delete the note or the report two months after the termination of the investigation or will anonymize it, which means that the reference to your identity as whistleblower is definitely and irreversibly extinguished.

      The Code of Conduct

        Inform yourself about our standards and values. Here you can download the Voith Code of Conduct.


          Management Board declaration on human trafficking, forced labor and child labor

          Voith rejects any form of human trafficking, forced labor or child labor. This declaration complies with the "UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948," the "California Transparency in Supply Chains Act 2010" and the "UK Modern Slavery Act 2015."