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    The history of Voith in St. Pölten dates back to 1903 when Voith established its first foreign subsidiary at this location in Lower Austria. Initially, paper machines, large grinding machines, and turbines were manufactured in the same way as at the headquarters in Heidenheim before the production of hydrodynamic transmissions for land vehicles began in 1932. Today, the divisions Voith Hydro and Voith Turbo operate in St. Pölten.

    As a full-line supplier for hydropower plant equipment, our product and service portfolio cover the entire lifecycle of new and existing hydropower plants. Voith Hydro in St. Pölten focuses on applications in the areas of irrigation, cooling water, and pumped storage. Alongside associated pumps, hydraulic torque converters are also manufactured on-site. Additionally, core turbine components are produced here, and generators, governors, and control cabinets are assembled.

    For decades, Voith Hydro in St. Pölten has been supporting and supplying customers in Austria, Eastern Europe, Russia, the CIS states, and the Middle East. Subsidiaries have been established in Russia, Romania, Turkey, and Montenegro for optimum market coverage and proximity to customers.

    Formerly, until May 2023, our portfolio included the St. Georgen location, which specialized in turbine and controller production for small hydropower plants up to 15 MW. This site has been merged with the St. Pölten plant, seven kilometers away, to consolidate the skills and experience of two facilities at one location. Additionally, Voith has owned Kössler since 2008, a company specializing in turbine and controller manufacturing for small hydropower plants. Kössler was integrated into Voith's Small Hydro Division in 2020, and now operates under the name Voith.

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