Voith BHS distribution gear units

Voith BHS Power distribution gear units

Maximizing power density

    Voith BHS distribution gear units

    As the current generation of turbo gearboxes approach their operating limits, an innovative design provides new levels of performance and the potential to debottleneck entire drive trains. BHS power distribution gear units from Voith offer a reliable, powerful, and durable solution for your high power density requirements.

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    Features and benefits at a glance

      Efficiency of max. 98 %
      Speeds of up to 80,000 rpm
      Power transmission of up to 170 MW

      • Long service life
      • Custom-tailored to your requirements
      • Operational reliability, i.e., minimal unplanned stoppages of the drivetrain
      • Reduced operating costs and CO2 emissions
      • Excellent price-performance ratio


      • Utilized in extraordinarily high-speed and power ranges
      • Long service life as a result of the power-splitting principle
      • Low maintenance and inspection requirements
      • High-quality gear toothing
      • Minimized noise level as a consequence of unique gear profiles

      For high rotational speeds and high power

        Power distribution gear units are primarily used in situations that exceed the technical limits of what other gear units can handle. An example of this includes machine drivetrains with gas turbine-driven turbo compressors requiring high rotational speeds and power. As a complex and powerful gear unit, they unite the simple, robust construction of a parallel shaft with the power branching options offered by planetary gear units.

        Technical features

          Transmitting power of up to 170 MW or at speeds of up to 80,000 rpm, our Voith power distribution gear units convert torque in turbo-drive trains. Even under the harshest conditions, they achieve over 250,000 operating hours with up to 98 percent gear unit efficiency.

          Power transmission up to 170 MW
          Speed up to 80,000 rpm
          Efficiency up to 98 %
          Gear ratio

          up to i = 10

          Housing design

          welded, cast



          single-helical toothing

          double-helical toothing


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