Voith Electrical Drive System for heavy trucks and special vehicles

    The VEDS HD+ from Voith is the innovative e-drive system for heavy-duty trucks and special vehicles, such as construction site vehicles and refuse trucks.

    Where other trucks are stretched to their limits, vehicles with VEDS HD+ are ramping up their performance. Thanks to the Voith Electrical Drive System VEDS HD+ for heavy-duty trucks and special vehicles, the shift to sustainable mobility can now overcome heavy loads, rough terrain and challenging special demands.

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    E-mobility is unstoppable.

    Not individual components but a turnkey solution

      The new Voith Electrical Drive System (VEDS) HD+ consists of the electric motor EVO 330 with 330 kW or EVO 390 with 390 kW, the electric transmission, which allows the right gear-shifting program for each application, complemented by the new inverter generation, our Future Inverter Platform, for high-performance range.

      Electric motors EVO 330 and EVO 390
      When it comes to the drive system, you can choose between two electric motors tailored to the respective application.
      The EVO 390 (390 kW) is ideal for applications up to 40 t gross vehicle weight with a high proportion of intercity and freeway travel, as well as for electric coaches.

      With the EVO 330 (330 kW), the focus is on refuse trucks and comparable applications in urban areas with frequent start-stop operations. Both motors have a very stable thermal design with high continuous output.

      Technical specifications

      Electric motors EVO 330 Electric motors EVO 390
      Type EVO 330 EVO 390
      Vehicle classes Intra-urban trucks, garbage collectors HD and long-haul trucks up to 40 t, special purpose vehicles
      Continuous power 210 kW 270 kW
      Peak power 330 kW 390 kW
      Max torque 950 Nm 1,200 Nm
      Max speed 10,500 rpm 10,500 rpm
      Isolation class IP6K9K IP6K9K
      Motor weight 130 kg 155 kg

      Electric transmission
      The transmission developed by Voith allows the right gear-shifting program for each application, which optimally covers the power requirements of the vehicle with the lowest energy consumption.
      It is designed to work with maximum efficiency at high torque and high speeds. This also makes the transmission ideal for long-distance driving. It can deliver sufficient power to the axles even on steep inclines.

      Technical specifications

      • 4-speed (AMT) transmission
      • BLDC gear actuator for fastest shifting time
      • 99% transmission efficiency in 4th gear
      • Retarder interface for 650 kW braking power
      • Weight: 170 kg

      Future inverter platform
      The centerpiece of the VEDS HD+ drive system, the newly developed inverter, is also geared for use in the high-performance range.
      Not only can the innovative power electronics cope with the power of the two EVO motors, but they also offer the option of additional power classes. Directly cooled power semiconductors ensure a high-power density.

      Technical specifications

      • ISO 26262 and automotive Cyber Security conformity
      • Autosar based software
      • 250 / 320 / 390 kW available
      • IGBTs with direct cooling
      • Weight: 30 kg

      Discover the main benefits of the system

      VEDS HD plus Truck

      Let’s plug & play

        Plug & play solution
        Plug & play solution

        The complete drive system is designed as a plug & play solution. This simplifies installation and reduces maintenance to a minimum, regardless of which of the more than 40 variants you choose.

        Modular concept
        Modular concept

        The VEDS HD+ is a modular system. All individual components are perfectly aligned to each other and tailored to your requirements to the greatest possible degree. This customized VEDS scope reaches a new level of efficiency for electric commercial vehicles.

        Automotive Cyber Security
        Automotive Cyber Security

        The inverter of the VEDS HD+ system is one of the first drive concepts to meet the requirements of ISO 21434 for Automotive Cyber Security, which has been in force since 2022. In an increasingly connected world, the first internationally applicable standard for this area is intended to protect the vehicle from tampering and safeguard its functioning. Furthermore, the VEDS HD+ satisfies the requirements of ISO 26262 (functional safety).

        E-Mobility expertise meets transmission know-how

          Gain a competitive position in the E-Mobility segment for heavy-duty trucks and special vehicles – with an experienced specialist like Voith at your side. We are unrivaled worldwide for our combination of transmission expertise and know-how in electric drive systems. To your advantage.

          E-mobility expertise meets gearbox and transmission know-how
          VEDS HD plus Truck

          Miles ahead

            Significant efficiency advantages with the VEDS HD+ drive system
            Significant efficiency advantages with the VEDS HD+ drive system

            Better performance, lower consumption, a more comfortable ride and greater availability – according to field tests it can be concluded that the Voith Electrical Drive System achieves significant efficiency gains.

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                Voith Electrical Drive System for busses

                The perfect drive system for changing intra-urban mobility: As an established system supplier with many years of experience and a partner to the bus industry, we have combined our comprehensive know-how in the fields of drive systems and E-Mobility. Voith has developed a pioneering electrical drive system for local public transit. The Voith Electrical Drive System (VEDS).

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