hypower No. 33

Groundbreaking Project: Hydropower

hypower No. 33

    Hydropower is essential to the decarbonization of electricity generation vie renewable energy sources. Its key role in both generation and as a form of green storage for intermittent wind and solar power is undisputed. But large-scale and small-scale hydropower plants make important contributions far beyond that.

    In this issue, we highlight the improvements they bring about, ranging from outstanding large-scale projects in North America that are giving the development of remote regions a major boost to a successful industrial partnership in Africa that is driving electrification forward.

    Examples from Europe illustrate how intelligent digitalization is increasing the efficiency of existing plants. In addition, you’ll learn how Voith Hydro’s intensive research and development efforts are not only helping to maximize hydropower’s potential but are also further improving the sustainability of the energy source itself.

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      by Voith Hydro – No. 33

      Groundbreaking Project: Hydropower
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