Voith signs large pump order in China as part of the Middle Yellow River Diversion Project

  • Voith provides five pumps for Shanxi province’s water supply Network
  • The pumps are a significant key component for preventing local water shortage
Contract signature Shanxi. On the picture (sitting, from left to right): Mr. Cheng-jun Zhang, Chairman of Shanxi Middle Yellow River Diversion Water Development Co., LTD. and Petra Helm, Member of the Board & CFO Voith Hydro St. Pölten.
ST. POELTEN/TAIYUAN. In April, Shanxi Middle Yellow River Diversion Water Development Co., LTD and Voith signed a contract to provide five large pumps and auxiliary equipment. The customer emphasized the importance of this project as one of the four pillars of Shanxi Province's water supply network. This network will supply the whole province including three cities and 14 districts in total.

The order includes an underground pumping station and five large pump units with a capacity of 10.1 megawatts and a flow rate of approximately 4.71 cubic meters per second each. The units are designed to pump the heavily sand-containing water from the Yellow River into three impeller stages to a delivery head of nearly 200 meters. The Voith products are the key components of this project which is important for the entire region. The total value of the contract is 26.5 million Euros. According to the plan, the pumps will be put into operation before the middle of 2022.

Pumps have been part of Voith’s portfolio for many decades. As a reliable major pump manufacturer, Voith supplies pumps in various dimensions and types for pumped storage, waste, cooling and drinking water as well as for irrigation and drainage. Efficiency and expertise, combined with meeting local customers’ needs made Voith an ideal partner for this important project in Shanxi province, China.

Regional impact of the Middle Yellow River Diversion Project
Due to its location in the middle section of the Yellow River and the regular water shortages in the region, Shanxi province initiated the Middle Yellow River Diversion Project. Robust and low maintenance requirements of the implemented components and sustainable durability are essential to long-term running water systems. With its know-how and reliability, Voith will play a key role in this important development.

After completing the project in the upcoming years, the newly irrigated area will increase by one billion square meters. The new industrial water supply and agricultural irrigation will benefit the region in terms of economic stability and future growth. Furthermore, the project will have a significant impact on preventing water shortage and increasing water supply across Shanxi province.

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