SmartBasket: The game-changing solution for asset and lifecycle management of screen baskets.

  • Intelligent tracking of screen baskets using RFID Chips
  • Database access via app and web-based Cockpit
  • All relevant data available at any time
Using a hand scanner, the RFID chip integrated into the screen basket is scanned and the data transferred to the mobile SmartBasket app via Bluetooth.
The SmartBasket app is available for mobile devices or as a web-based version with extended functionality.
HEIDENHEIM, Germany. For more than 30 years, Voith has been supplying highly efficient and durable screen baskets for various screening applications in the stock preparation unit – with the aim of continuously improving screening efficiency. With SmartBasket, Voith is now offering an intelligent screen basket add-on tailored to customer requirements that is unique in the market. Thanks to the integrated RFID chip, customers have all the important information related to inventory, location and lifecycle status of their screen baskets at all times.

Given the large number of screen baskets used in the stock preparation unit and that are regularly exchanged, re-chromed or stored in the warehouse, it is a challenge for paper manufacturers to maintain an overview of their inventories in one or several paper mills. Manual documentation of the screen baskets in use and in stock, which has been the usual practice until now, is time-consuming, susceptible to error and results in high costs for inventory management. With SmartBasket, Voith is now offering an efficient, user-friendly solution for asset and lifecycle management of screen baskets, providing paper producers with maximum transparency and availability across all their manufacturing facilities.

SmartBasket: Tracking with RFID chip
The new Voith screen baskets are equipped with an RFID chip. The baskets are scanned with a special hand scanner that is connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet and the associated SmartBasket app.

This allows all relevant information – like the storage location, running time and condition of every single basket – to be added to a database. The data can be easily viewed in the user-friendly mobile app or in more detailed form via a cockpit solution, a web-based application with more extensive functions including Excel export.

Integrated lifecycle tracking and re-ordering
SmartBasket therefore provides an overview of the entire supply chain and paper manufacturers can optimize their inventory, as the lifecycle status can be tracked at all times. Another advantage of SmartBasket and the app for the customer is the direct connection to the Voith Paper Webshop. Just one click is all it takes to buy screen baskets online from the Webshop.

For intelligent paper manufacturing of the future
“The smart technology not only creates transparency at all levels; it also allows inventories and costs to be reduced,” says Christian Gommeringer, Strategic Global Product Manager at Voith. “The product reflects our forward-looking vision of making paper manufacture even more efficient using smart solutions. In this context, SmartBasket is the next important step toward Papermaking 4.0.” Voith will be adding other smart products to its range in future.

For more information about SmartBasket, visit the Voith website:

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