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We celebrate our 1,000 sold HerculeX

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    screening rotor by Voith
    Screening requirements have changed tremendously over the last years. Inferior raw material properties for pulp and paper as well as increasing papermaking manufacturing costs, like energy, have led to higher demands for energy-efficient products and to further process optimizations. Therefore, all manufacturers had to increase their effectiveness in order to compete and be sustainable in the globalized pulp and paper industry environment.
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    Slot screen baskets

      Voith C-bar
      Proven C-bar technology

      In recent benchmark studies, C-bar proved to be the most reliable slot screen basket in terms of high efficiency and throughput rate with the lowest specific energy consumption and minimum fiber loss. This success is based on the unique C-bar profile, paired with overlapping bar design arrangement.
      The C-bar screening cylinder is applicable for all kinds of stock in the most varied stock preparation and approach flow processes. One major advantage: The C-bar basket can also be used for high stock consistencies and trash loads.




      Our portfolio of slot screen baskets

      C-bar HerculeXX

      C-bar HerculeXX – even stronger than HerculeX

      With innovative end ring-cylinder connection
      C-bar HerculeXX from Voith
      In some applications, especially in pulp production, the stresses are very high. Here, there is a need for even more stable screen baskets, especially in the area where the screen cylinder connects to the end ring.
      The C-bar HerculeXX has been developed precisely for these requirements. This screen basket combines the hybrid technology of the HerculeX with an innovative screw connection of the end rings to the screen cylinder – all the while retaining the high open screen surfaces.
      In addition, the unique screw connection of the end ring offers the possibility to reuse it when replacing the screen cylinder, which contributes to a sustainable material usage reduction.
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      Since May 2020, the new Voith HerculeXX screen basket has been successfully in operation at our PM 5. In the harsh application, the innovative design shows significantly improved lifetime compared to the previously installed screen baskets. The performance is outstanding and the efficiency, as you would expect from Voith, is on the highest level. Moreover, this HerculeXX was tested successfully in another application for six months before.
      Özkan Aydin, Operations Manager PM 5 at Modern Karton

      C-bar Screening Cylinder

      C-bar Screening Cylinder

      The high-performance screen basket for efficient screening
      C-bar screen basket by Voith
      C-bar screen baskets offer precise, reliable technology for centrifugal and centripetal pressure screens for Voith and non-Voith machines. All kinds of stock, in the most varied stock preparation, broke screening and pulp screening applications, can be reliably screened, even with high stock consistencies and trash loads.
      C-bar screen baskets are unique. Their overlapping bar design protects the slots from high wear and keeps the slot widths constant over their whole lifetime.

      Your benefits with C-bar Screening Cylinders

      • High throughput because of large open screening surface
      • Improvement in quality because of high separation rates of dirt and impurities
      • Low fiber loss because of precise processing
      • Energy-efficient and long-lasting mode of operation
      • NDura quality screen basket material guarantees high basket strength
      • Wear protection through Voith hard chrome-plating technology
      • Quick and flexible delivery times with constant and reliable quality

      C-bar HerculeX

      1.000 C-bar HerculeX by Voith Paper, customer CVG, Cahdam Volta Grande, Brazil, screen basket, success story, South America

      We celebrate our 1,000th HerculeX

      Establishing a milestone in South America, we just announced the delivery of our 1,000th C-Bar HerculeX screen basket worldwide. The order was made by Cahdam Volta Grande (CVG), an established Brazilian papermaker operating in the tissue segment that is headquartered in Rio Negrinho, state of Santa Catarina.
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      C-bar HerculeX

      Strong. Solid. Stable.

      To withstand the enormous flow and pressure conditions in screening applications, Voith has developed the strongest screen basket on the market – C-bar HerculeX.

      Thanks to the new and innovative hybrid technology, the screen basket copes with maximum loads. In combination with C-bar technology, which has been used successfully for over 25 years, it is the ideal screen basket for applications with demanding requirements.

      C-bar HerculeX by Voith

      Maximum throughput is achieved by means of the clamping technology for the large open screening surfaces and the C-bar bar geometries. The special manufacturing process and wear-resistant material of the screen basket also reduce investment cost. The new screen basket can be customized to meet individual screening requirements and production conditions. Bar width and angle, slot width and chrome layer thickness can all be selected individually.


      In combination with the proven Voith EclipseRotor, an optimal and reliable screening process will be achieved. The C-bar HerculeX screen basket can be used in all Voith and non-Voith sorters.

      Your benefits with C-bar HerculeX

      • Maximum stability in applications with high stock consistencies and rotor speeds such as broke screening and pre-screening
      • Efficient screening due to individual adjustment of slot widths and geometries combined with proven C-bar technology
      • Low investment costs compared to welded or bonded screen baskets
      • Cost savings for screen maintenance
      • Maximum throughput due to large open screen area
      • Long service life thanks to wear-resistant material

      C-bar HerculeX D

      C-bar HerculeX D

      Strong version with breaker bars
      C-bar HerculeX D
      No matter if a screening system works centripetally or centrifugally, if you need extra strength in your screen or if your trash load is extremely high, Voith will provide a perfect manufactured C-bar basket to fit the application. For extremly high trash loads, C-bar will be equipped with breaker bars to prevent accumulation between rotor and basket.

      Your benefits with C-bar HerculeX D

      • Suitable for extremly high trash loads
      • Breaker bars prevent accumulation between rotor and basket
      • Overlapping profiles avoid wear in the slot
      • For all grades and all process steps
      • Highest open area due to overlapping design

      C-bar C

      C-bar C

      Higher capacity with lower energy consumption
      C-bar C
      Thanks to fine slots, the C-bar C improves the screening efficiency in comparison to conventional screen baskets. It can be used in all centripetal screening machines. The C-bar technology and a large open screen surface result in a high rate of sticky removal and maximum throughput. With increased capacity, lower energy consumption is a resulting benefit. The C-bar C can be used in all centripetal screening machines and is suitable for use in both stock preparation and approach flow systems. In addition, it offers a compatible profile for every application. In the High-End Finishing series, smoothed joints and an electro-polished surface guarantee the highest finishing quality.

      Your benefits with C-bar C

      • Large, open screening surface
      • High sticky removal efficiency
      • Less energy consumption
      • High stability with welded profile bars
      • Suitable for all centripetal screening machines

      Hole screen baskets

        The Voith NDura hole screen basket offers precise and reliable technology for centrifugal pressure screens. They are ideal for use in stock preparation, as well as broke, pulp and approach flow screening.

        The optimization of the pitch design leads to an achievement of the highest open screen areas and, as a result, to a high throughput. The high separation rates of dirt and impurities contribute to quality improvements in the end products. Constant advances in our manufacturing techniques yield the highest precision in different hole designs and roundness of the screen basket. Each screen basket is equipped with the Voith hard chrome-plating technology and possesses a high wear protection.

        The highly sophisticated products are suitable for Voith screens and for all current machines and associated rotor combinations of other manufacturers.

        Screening rotors

          MultiFoil rotor by Voith

          Higher demands in raw material screening require increased screening efficiency and pose distinct challenges for facility operators. Voith screening rotors are the ideal answer, combining maximum screening quality and throughput with optimal energy use in each area of application.

          EclipseR Rotor

          Unique geometry for maximum energy savings

          In the sorting process, high levels of impurities cause rapid wear and a high maintenance effort for rotors. Voith's EclipseR rotor not only withstands high reject levels, but also saves up to 35% of your energy requirements. These are convincing arguments, as the EclipseR rotor is already successfully used in several production lines.

          Because of its novel foil geometry and configuration, the EclipseR rotor facilitates optimal screening efficiency, especially in screening applications that are heavily loaded with impurities. The flat but effective foil geometry of the EclipseR rotor generates a strong suction impulse and keeps the screen free for the highest throughput, even with high pulp consistencies of up to 5%. The EclipseR rotor was developed specifically for screening applications that are energy-intensive and heavily loaded with impurities. It is suitable for use in stock preparation, broke and pulp screening by Voith screening systems and all common machines from other manufacturers.

          MultiFoil Rotors

          Innovative blade geometry increases screening efficiency

          MultiFoil rotors are the ideal combination of the highest screening quality and throughput rates. Innovative blade geometry prevents the spinning of fibers and reduces pulsations. Thanks to the uniform through-flow profile with short suction impulses, the MultiFoil rotor leads to improvements in sustained screen openness with the highest separation rate.

          In addition, the concept causes lower pulsations and longer basket service life. Due to the oblique arrangement of the short blades, the rotor is noticeably less susceptible to spinning. Frequently, the rotor speed can be reduced, thereby fiber-preserving and energy-saving screening becomes possible. MultiFoil rotors were developed for use in stock preparation and approach flow and can be used for Voith screens and machines of other manufacturers.

          Service for your screen baskets and rotors

            At Voith, the success of the customer takes center stage. Service means delivering customized service solutions and utilizing our full expertise to help our customers reach their goals.


            Schoellershammer PM6 stock preparation
            Sustainabilty in service

            There will be no compromises in screening efficiency as we support you to safeguard proper performance of your sorting equipment, to achieve high cleanliness and minimize fiber losses. Voith Paper service specialists’ experience is based on the successful sizing, delivery and operation of a large number of baskets and rotors delivered every year. With regularly and repeatedly provided inspections, we support you to expand the lifetime of your equipment to the maximum. Inspection combined with repair and refurbishment services is our contribution to maximize sustainability.

            Voith paper service
            Our service portfolio includes:

            • Screening rebuilds
            • Single/second-hand machines
            • Field services and repairs
            • Screen basket rechroming
            • Rotor refurbishment

            Have a look in our brochure for all details and case studies

            Our comprehensive Process Services portfolio, our trainings, audits, consulting and measurement diagnostic capabilities offer expert support according to your needs.


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