Voith winder upgrades

Unlocking potential

    More capacity, better quality and improved safety

    Voith upgrade solutions allow you to optimize your winder to address the specific goals and situations you require.

    We have developed a wide range of upgrades to optimize the performance of your winder, including automation and drive upgrades. Our solutions offer more capacity, better quality and improved personnel safety. These upgrades are suitable for different winder models.

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    Capacity upgrades

      Higher speed, faster roll change

      Smart solutions with great effects: With Voith capacity upgrades, maximum production speeds can be achieved and change times for parent and finished rolls  can be accomplished significantly faster.

      Fast Format – Fast and automatic format change

      FastFormat offers us enormous productivity and safety benefits and is an important step towards a fully automated process.
      Ulf Heiligtag, Head of Technology at DS Smith Paper

      Saves up to 60 seconds per format change

      For paper, board and packaging producers who have many format changes, our new FastFormat can make the life easier. Instead of entering the slitter section to tear the edge trims, the engaged edge slitters can be moved during crawl speed and change the web width automatically. This not only increases safety for the operator, but also boosts winder production thanks to shorter setup times. Approximately one minute can be saved per format change. This is an important step towards a fully automated process thanks to our FastFormat winder upgrade.


      • Fast and automatic format change --> up to one minute time saving with every format change
      • Increased winder production due to less lost time --> 30 min/day less lost time = 2% capacity increase
      • No manual work by operator necessary
      • Increased safety due to no operator interference
      • Easy upgrade to existing winder

      SmoothRun – Increases capacity due to lower vibrations

      For higher production speeds and better winding results

      During the winding process, vibrations can occur in winders processing paper with high friction values. With the hydro-pneumatic damping SmoothRun bearings, these vibrations are greatly minimized, and the machine can be consistently operated at high production speeds. This not only achieves a significant increase in capacity but also avoids undesirable winding defects. Thanks to an optimized retrofit concept, conversion to SmoothRun is easy without major modifications to the existing machine.


      • Significant capacity increase with higher production speeds
      • Better winding results by avoiding winding defects
      • Reduced mechanical stress on the winder minimizes maintenance requirements
      • Easy retrofitting of existing winders

      Following commissioning of the new bearing system we were able to reduce vibrations for all paper grades and increase speeds. (…) While further enhancements together with Voith are being made, the winder can keep pace with the production of the PM 5.
      Michael Wolff, Line Manager Equipment at PK Varel

      FlyingSplice and ButtSplice –
      Faster full parent roll change for greater production

      For quick and clean splicing

      In order to increase speed and safety, conventional web threading is replaced by an automated process.

      FlyingSplice enables fully automatic reel changes in record time. The overlapping connection of the two paper webs is suitable for many applications.

      ButtSplice is an automated solution for a perfect splice without web overlap. This connection can easily pass through printing machines and other demanding finishing processes.


      • Significantly shortened parent roll change times
      • Enhanced safety with automated processes
      • Both systems available as customized solutions for a wide range of customer requirements

      Gecko OneStep – Adhesion and perforating in one step

      For a significantly faster set change

      The Gecko OneStep accomplishes adhesion of finished rolls – from start to finish – in one automated operation resulting in significantly shortened change times for finished rolls. For maximum flexibility, the process can be customized for individual requirements of the finished rolls. Gecko OneStep can be equipped to apply either hot-melt or tape adhesive. While hot-melt adhesive technology impresses with its attractively low operating costs, the adhesive tape application is suitable for applications with special requirements for downstream processing, for example for the food industry.


      • Adhesion and perforation in a single step
      • Significantly faster set change
      • Solutions available for all popular basis weights
      • Flexibility through hot-melt or tape adhesive application

      Quality upgrades

        Customized solutions for better precision, quality and improved safety

        Voith quality upgrades allow you to optimize the production process according to your requirements. Solutions are available for the most diverse process steps, for example, automatic slitter positioning for better precision and a wide range of roll covers for perfect winding results.

        TruSet – High-precision, automatic slitter positioning

        For a faster pattern change, higher precision and less waste

        Changing patterns can be easy and clean. In the winder, TruSet automatically positions all slitters with exact precision. The production capacity is increased and the reject rate due to incorrect patterns is reduced. Maintenance requirements are also reduced since recalibration of the slitter position is not required after band sharpening or belt replacement.


        • Highest cut precision (+/- 0.25 mm | +/- 0.01 in)
        • Lower susceptibility to errors
        • Higher production capacity

        Removing dust – Less dust for better quality

        A clean slitter section for reduced cleaning effort

        A fine dust is produced during the slitting process and accumulates continuously in the winder and in the environment. The fine dust affects the quality of the finished rolls and, in the long run, the wear of moving machine parts. This creates the need for continuous, demanding cleaning and increases maintenance costs. Voith’s dust extraction system puts an end to the dust problem by extracting it directly from the slitters during the cutting process. The result is significantly less dust ingress into finished rolls, machines and the environment overall. The papermaker benefits from higher quality finished rolls, as well as significantly reduced manual cleaning and maintenance cost.


        • Automatic dust extraction at the slitters
        • Reduced wear of the machine's moving parts
        • Less dust entering into the finished rolls
        • Less dust in the machine and environment
        • Reduced maintenance and cleaning costs

        The Ela family – Customized roll covers for any application

        For better quality and significantly larger finished rolls

        Increasing nip pressure can lead to winding defects as the roll diameter increases, especially for paper grades with sensitive surfaces. The alternative: Using the Ela family of roll covers, the surface of the rolls can be optimally adapted to individual requirements. The coating reduces the nip pressures with deviations in the cross profile and minimizes the entry of air during the winding process. At the same time, the covers improve the grip of the rolls and stabilize the run of the paper web. The Ela family increases the quality of finished rolls and enables the winder to produce significantly larger and heavier finished rolls.


        • Increased winding quality
        • Processing of larger and heavier rolls

        The RollerBar spreader unit –
        Perfect separation even with narrow patterns

        For perfectly separated finished rolls

        A clean and reliable cut separation is essential, especially for narrow patterns. Voith developed the RollerBar spreader unit as the appropriate quality upgrade to mitigate concerns. The RollerBar system consists of narrow roller segments moved via pneumatic cylinders. The segments can be continuously readjusted during operation. The sheet setting of the roller segments can also be individually adjusted for optimum spreading. The improved web travel enables even narrow and difficult patterns to be cut quickly and cleanly at high winding speeds.


        • Cleanly separated finished rolls for narrow patterns and high winding speeds
        • Fewer rejects due to reduced quality issues
        • Improved winding quality

        Safety upgrades

          Mitigating danger, increasing work safety

          Personnel safety during operation and maintenance of winders is top priority. Our smart safety upgrades allow for automation and decreased time for various work and maintenance processes. The upgrade solutions make important contributions to greater safety in the workplace.

          Automatic web threading - Greater safety and higher capacity

          For fast and safe paper web threading

          Manual web threading during a parent roll change is not only time-consuming but also a potential source of errors and a safety risk for personnel. By upgrading to automated web threading, safety can be increased, and the time needed for parent roll changes can be significantly improved. The new paper web is automatically threaded to the new core, so only minor manual intervention and significantly shorter machine stops are necessary. In addition to a clear safety improvement, the automated process results in minimal downtime.


          • Safety through automated process
          • Fast and reliable
          • Increased capacity due to shorter machine stops

          Fast blade change – Shorter downtime and greater safety

          For a quick and safe blade change in a few easy steps

          With conventional systems, it can take several minutes to replace a blade because of the many screw connections. The innovative blade quick-change system is much easier and faster. A simplified blade replacement also reduces the risk of injury and lowers maintenance costs. In addition, production capacity increases due to the shortened machine downtime.


          • Blade replacement without tools in record time
          • Time savings during replacement
          • Greater safety through simple change procedures
          • Higher capacity due to shorter machine downtimes

          Automation and drive upgrades

            State-of-the-art control systems

            Our future-oriented winder control is impressive – not only because of its high precision, reliability and ease of operation, but also for its wide range of options in terms of reporting, analysis and remote service functions. With Voith automation and drive upgrades, these potentials can be utilized systematically, thus optimizing performance and reliability of the winders and making them future-proof.

            State-of-the-art automation solutions

            The heterogeneous hardware and software environment of older winders is unable to maximize the potential of a modern plant control system. In addition, with older equipment comes the downside of decreasing reliability and reduced spare parts availability. Voith drive and automation upgrades make your winder fit for the future. By introducing a central, homogeneous automation concept, the system can be optimized at many levels. The new system impresses with maximum performance and reliability and facilitates maintenance through extensive diagnostic and remote service functions.


            • Increased performance through a homogeneous hardware and software environment
            • Future-proof through state-of-the-art technology
            • Improved availability of spare parts
            • Cost-effective maintenance through diagnostic functions and remote service


              • Unlocking potential – Easily optimized with Voith's winder upgrades

                Unlocking potential – Easily optimized with Voith's winder upgrades

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                Optimum performance and maximum availability

                  Winder technology service
                  Voith winder service
                  With our winder technology service our experts support you to keep your winder at the optimum level and ensure high efficiency of your paper machine, at all times. Voith services ensure optimum performance and high availability for your winder over its entire service life no matter if you have a paper, board, or packaging machine. Thanks to a modular structure, our service offerings can be customized to individual requirements.
                  The biggest benefit of our winder service partnership with Voith is the fact that it can’t be simply narrowed down to a single advantage – it’s the complete package that makes it so valuable to us. It’s everything from Voith’s unrivalled expertise in the areas of automation and technology, to the annual on-site visits and 24/7 hotline support. All this adds up to a deal that is very useful and important to us.
                  Urban Marklund, Production Technician at SCA Munksund AB in Sweden


                  • Increased production due to higher speed and faster change times
                  • Time and money savings due to improved availability
                  • Fast identification of the winder bottlenecks in terms of capacity, quality and safety
                  • Reduced total maintenance costs
                  • Expert remote support 24/7
                  • Wide range of options in terms of reporting, analysis, and remote service functions

                  Reference case: W. Hamburger

                    "Over the years, this strong partnership has really helped us to maximize capacity and cutting quality." Andreas Prenner, Head of Work Preparation from Hamburger Containerboard – Prinzhorn Group gave us great insights into their cooperation with Voith.

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