Voith winders

Voith provides winder concepts for all paper qualities and productivity challenges. The two-drum winders VariFlex as well as the single-drum winder VariPlus were specially developed for different fields of application. Together, they cover the entire spectrum of winder technology concepts.


Technology concepts for every challenge

    VariFlex two-drum winders focus on high capacity winding. The VariPlus single-drum winder is the perfect choice for highly sensitive and specialty paper grades.

      Working width Roll diameter Paper grades
    VariFlex Performance up to 10 m 2,100 mm Board, packaging, coated board, graphic
    VariFlex NG up to 6.6 m 2,100 mm Board, packaging, coated board, graphic
    VariFlex R up to 6.6 m 1,600 mm Board, packaging
    VariPlus up to 12 m 1,800 mm Specialty



    Our winder technology portfolio

      VariFlex Performance

      High capacity winding

      VariFlex Performance sets new performance standards in terms of high capacity winding. Thanks to a design speed of 3,000 meters per minute and a 25-second set change time, significant increases in both efficiency and productivity are the results. VariFlex Performance is designed for a working width of up to 10 meters.


      Your benefits with VariFlex Performance

      • High capacity winding
      • State-of-the-art technology
      • Innovative control system and integrated drive control
      • Short assembly and start-up time
      • Very robust and stable design

      VariFlex NG

      Proven system for medium-size applications

      VariFlex NG is a compact winder that focuses on medium-size applications. This winder provides reliable and proven technology and includes the unique Gecko OneStep system. With Gecko OneStep, no separate cut-off knife is required. Perfect start and end gluing is achieved through a defined distance between the trace of glue and the point of separation.

      The proven functional principle

      Your benefits with VariFlex NG

      • Integrated Gecko OneStep set change unit
      • Innovative control system
      • Integrated drive control

      VariFlex R

      Compact solution with low space requirements

      VariFlex R is the robust solution that especially targets winder replacements where space is limited and only minimal changes to the building are allowed. In addition, VariFlex R is the right choice for medium-size production rates. With its clearly structured automation system, VariFlex R focuses on the winding process itself.

      Your benefits with VariFlex R

      • Compact design
      • All equipment is located on operator level
      • Fully-automatic slitter positioning system
      • Integrated drive control


      High-performance winding of sensitive papers

      The VariPlus single-drum winder is used for specialty papers such as thermal paper, carbon copy paper and cast-coated grades. Due to its unique roll arrangement at 3 and 9 o’clock positions and its intelligent control system, VariPlus provides unmatched winding quality and sets world-class standards in high-performance winding of sensitive papers.

      VariPlus guides each individual paper roll in its own winding station, which allows the most precise control of all winding parameters and guarantees the perfect build of the winding structure.

      Your benefits with VariPlus

      • Highest winding quality
      • Individual and independent control of all winding parameters
      • Fully-automatic control and operating system

      TwinDrive double unwind

        Boost your winding capacity through faster jumbo roll change

        The new TwinDrive double unwind ensures a winding capacity that is up to 20 percent higher compared to the use of conventional unwinding systems. This advantage is achieved through the additional unwind position and fully-automated jumbo roll changes. With conventional systems, the winding capacity is limited due to downtimes during jumbo roll changes. The fully-automated process of TwinDrive eliminates these downtimes, resulting in a significant increase in both efficiency and productivity.


        Depending on customer requirements, the paper web is connected automatically with a FlyingSplice or ButtSplice. The significant time savings result in higher production rates. Depending on production conditions, considerably more jumbo rolls can be processed by the winder.

        Your benefits with TwinDrive

        • 20% higher winding capacity 
        • Efficient broke handling
        • Operator-friendly control concept
        • Short installation and start-up time
        • Safety through fully-automated process
        • Maintenance-friendly due to good accessibility

        Your contact – How can we help you?

          Daniel Juergens

          Global Product Manager


          t +49 7321 37 3463

          Success stories

            Copamex increases its process capacity with VariFlex R

            Copamex recently installed a complete, new Voith VariFlex R winder at its Chihuahua, Mexico, facility. With the new, reliable winder, the papermaker has increased its productivity while making improvements to the plant’s safety.
            “Voith has been a great partner to us and with this recent winder installation, we’re significantly improving our production capability, reducing overall maintenance requirements and increasing safety at our mill,” said Arturo Contreras, Project Manager, Copamex.


            Turkish board producer Kartonsan satisfied with smooth startup

            As part of a major upgrade of the entire board machine BM 2 in Izmit, Voith installed a new VariFlex NG with a working width of 3.7 meters. The winder was commissioned at the end of July 2014 and signed off by the customer just three weeks later.
            The board manufacturer was equally satisfied with Voith’s project execution and the performance of the winder: "We are very happy about the fast installation and smooth startup by Voith,” stresses Ümit Dinçol, Production Services Manager at Kartonsan.


            Service at the next level for your winder

              At Voith, the success of the customer takes center stage. Service means delivering customized service solutions and utilizing our full expertise to help our customers reach their goals.


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