Energy absorption elements

Energy absorption elements

    Lean back and relax with Voith energy absorption elements. Our solutions deliver a safe and comfortable ride. In everyday operation, the energy absorption elements dampen shocks and ensure smooth driving behavior. Under exceptional conditions, they compensate for large forces, thereby providing the best possible protection for passengers and rolling stock even in the event of a collision.

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    Product portfolio

      We offer you complete energy absorption systems ideally matched to your requirements. From energy absorption components as part of our proven couplers up to complete crash energy management systems for train protection, together we will find the best solution for your vehicles.

      Energy absorption at the coupler

      The coupler-related energy absorption mainly takes place in the drawgear. Voith offers reversible and irreversible solutions that can compensate for large forces, if required. Damping elements in the drawgear articulation are also part of our portfolio. Due to their cushioning effect, they enable jerk-free driving behavior.

      Deformation tube

      • Integrated in the coupler shank or downstream of the drawgear articulation as overload protection
      • Converts impact energy destructively into deformation energy by mechanically expanding a metal tube
      • Defined constant response characteristic without peaks
      • Maximum energy absorption
      • To be combined with rubber cushion drawgear (EFG) or damper

      Hydrostatic damper

      • Integrated in coupler shank
      • Converts compressive load in a regenerative way (by displacing liquids)
      • Response load varies depending on preload
      • Usually combined with rubber cushion drawgear

      Integral gas hydraulic damper

      • Integrated in coupler shank
      • Absorbs both compressive and tensile load in a regenerative way
      • Response load dependent on preload
      • Return stroke cushioning for increased comfort and safety
      • Small installation space and low weight
      • Usually combined with bearing bracket

      Bearing bracket

      • Establishes connection to the car body
      • Combination with coupler shank featuring spherical bearing ensures cardanic freedom of movement
      • Available with internal overload protection

      Rubber cushion drawgear

      • Establishes connection to the car body
      • Bearing bracket with integrated cushioning unit
      • Variable damping with two or three rubber elements
      • Compensating both tensile and compressive loads
      • Available with integrated overload protection: In case of shear-off due to excessive load, the coupler is guided under the car body in a controlled way

      Rubber ring/rubber cushion articulation

      • Establishes connection to the car body
      • Designed for small mounting spaces
      • Rubber elements arranged in front of and behind the coupler mounting plate
      • Cushioning effect in the direction of both compression and tension
      • Suitable for limited side deflections
      • A gently rising force stroke curve increases driving comfort
      • Available with tear-off solution for overload protection
      • Rectangular rubber elements of the rubber cushion articulation provide anti-rotation protection while still allowing cardanic freedom of movement