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Engine off - efficiency on


Stop-start system for locomotives

    Making freight transport by rail more efficient – that is our goal. The question of how we achieve this together with you is what moves us.

    The locomotive's traction diesel engine is a crucial starting point. Loading and unloading as well as line bottlenecks result in long waiting times every day in rail freight transport. As a consequence, locomotives are operated at idle for more than 30% of their service life. This is where the automatic stop-start system OnEfficiency.StopStart comes in. By switching off the engine during waiting times, high operational savings are possible. Thanks to simultaneous monitoring of the auxiliary operations by our system, nothing stands in the way of continuing the journey. Together with us, take the decisive step towards efficient rail freight transport. Our experts can handle the full support on your behalf – from design to certification.

    Portrait picture of Sebastian Piffka
    Our G1206 shunting locomotives have a high idle share that cannot be further reduced operationally. For both economic and ecological reasons, we have therefore decided to equip our fleet with OnEfficiency.StopStart.
    Sebastian Piffka, Head of technology division, RTB CARGO GmbH
    Red signal light indicates that the block section ahead is occupied and the train must stop.
    The stop-start technology reduces the idle time of the engine by 720 hours per year on average.
    On average, 30,000 kg of CO2 can be saved per locomotive in one year.
    An average of 20,000 € can be saved per locomotive each year thanks to reduced fuel and maintenance costs.
    An average of up to 11,000 liters of fuel saved per engine every year results in lower fuel costs and fewer refueling stops.

    Efficiency calculator

      Calculate the savings potential of your fleet

      Discover the individual savings potential you can realize in your fleet per year and over the entire remaining service life.

      Your fleet data

      Fleet size


      Working hours per day


      Working days per year


      Average remaining service life per locomotive


      Fuel price per liter

      Engine operating costs per hour

      Idle time share

      Idle consumption

      1€/hour for the increased wear and tear caused by the stop-start system is included in the calculation.

      Additional functions

        Freight train travels towards sunrise through a mountainous landscape while a digital data network is spreading out from the vehicle.

        With OnEfficiency.StopStart, we support you in achieving your maintenance goals:

        The highest possible availability with the lowest possible maintenance effort. You can also benefit from additional functions with the technology behind the automatic stop-start. In addition to the integration of fleet management systems such as OnCare.Asset Rail, we enable you to carry out predictive maintenance on your vehicles.


          OnEfficiency.StopStart FAQ

          Are you ready for the decisive step towards more efficiency, but still have questions about OnEfficiency.StopStart? You will find your answer in our FAQ. If the answer to your question is not there, no problem. We’re happy to help you personally.

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