Screw press optimization service

Optimally dewatered pulp, sludge or reject with screw presses

    Perlen PM7 stock preparation
    The screw presses for virgin and recovered pulp applications are installed as key components for stock dewatering, washing processes and water circuit separation processes.


    Regular maintenance and servicing is required to ensure that the dewatering performance of your screw press is always optimal. Our service portfolio includes not only the maintenance of fiber screw presses but also various services for reject and sludge screw presses.

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    At Voith we offer two types of screw presses: the InfiltraScrewpress and the Thune Screw press.

    Signs of a worn screw press

      If the screw press is not serviced in time, defects will occur which have a negative influence on your screw press performance. Typical signs of a worn screw press:

      • Reduced outlet consistency or capacity
      • Increased torque, speed or fiber content in filtrate
      • Difficulties to stabilize the process
      • Shaking, plugging, spitting

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      Our 24/7 customer service

        In order to avoid and prevent these defects and further damage, we offer a comprehensive service for the complete screw press. Regardless of the manufacturer, our service experts get the best out of your system. Our service portfolio includes:

        Wapakoneta Pratt Stock Preparation
        • Full service contracts
        • Complete machine overhauls
        • Single screw press refurbishments
        • Analysis and trouble shooting
        • Digitalized condition monitoring
        • Upgrades and modifications
        • Screen basket repairs
        • Rebuild to SplitScreen
        • On-site screw press refurbishments
        • Mechanical on-site services
        • Workshop repairs

        Repair and refurbishment

          Screw press service from Voith
          The aim of our screw press service is to achieve optimum dispersion results through continuous and constant high stock consistency.


          We offer cost-effective solutions for press screw refurbishments, restoring design performance, achieving an optimum balance between operating cost and technological performance.

          Your benefits with our screw press refurbishment

          • Review process log and refurbishment history
          • Detailed digitalized analysis wear pattern and shaft condition
          • Refurbishment carried out according to technological demands
          • Application of the latest Voith welding and coating technology for improved performance and longer life

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          SmartGrinder for on-site scre press refurbishment by Voith
          Outstanding services directly at your machine

          Our SmartGrinder is a modular system, set up according to size and requirement while your screw press is in operation, minimizing down time and production losses. This system allows a fast and high accurate diameter restoration, by a clever design. This enables our SmartGrinder to exactly follow the flight geometry, saving valuable shutdown times up to 20 % faster than conventional repairs.

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          Restored screw press by Voith
          Get the original status back again
          Overhaul of complete screw press

          As OEM manufacturer, Voith is offering a comprehensive mechanical service stretching from an on-site performance monitoring to a complete overhaul from your screw press. This can be done upon your demands either on-site, or executed within one of our service locations.

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          Upgrades and rebuilds

            InfiltraScrewpress by Voith
            Our upgrades and rebuilds are aimed at adapting capacity, enabling a change of raw material, e. g. to furnish or a different grade, and energetically optimizing the subsequent dispersion system.


            Changes in the dispersion requirement in terms of stock quality or energy savings have a direct effect on the screw press. Also raw material changes up to grade changes or capacity adjustments make an optimization of the screw press necessary. For this purpose we have a comprehensive toolbox at our disposal.

            Your benefits with our screw press upgrades and rebuilds

            • Capacity increase
            • Energetically optimization of subsequentdispersion system
            • Adaption to new requirements
            • Change of raw material possible

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            Exchange of existing press screw wing geometry
            Adapting to new requirements

            The press screw is the heart of every screw press and is responsible for the technology and capacity. Each modified press screw is as good as new in terms of quality and service life through appropriate reconditioning.

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            SplitScreen for screw presses by Voith
            Improve dewatering performance
            Rebuild to SplitScreen

            The SplitScreen screen elements feature improved dewatering performance and markedly greater ease of maintenance. Its special design allows quick replacement of the SplitScreen plates without time-consuming disassembly of the entire screen element.

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            FreeFlow for screw presses by Voith
            Upgrade to FreeFlow

            By adapting the flow in the inlet zone thru specifically calculated, designed and positioned openings in the screw flight, a FreeFlow from the stock suspension towards the mid pressure dewatering section is achieved. This eliminates the need to have inlet pressure and increasing capacity up to 10 %, under very stable running conditions.

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            Wearless segments for screw presses by Voith
            Rebuild to wearless segments

            Rebuilding your screw press to Wearless segments not only increases the operating time between the required service intervals, reducing the downtime for on-site repair, but also enhances the overall screw press performance.

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