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    Voith PaperSchool offers training courses and complete training paths to enhance your personal skills and knowledge in the field of paper production. We provide training from basic to advanced levels at our Voith Training Centers, locally at your plant, and online.

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    Our e-learning packages

      Learn when and where you want

      Would you like to develop a basic understanding of paper production? No problem! In our total of 20 e-learnings, the important process steps are explained to you step by step. And the very best: you can purchase all of our e-learnings as a benefits package. Alternatively, you can also put together your own training package with 10 of our e-learnings - at a special price, too.

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      Training for all levels – from basic to advanced


        You know your strengths – and your weaknesses. We give you the opportunity to define your training profile.

        The result? A training course tailored to your exact personal requirements!

        Level 1: Basic knowledge

        These courses provide a basic understanding of the paper production process and certain products in a self-directed learning environment. You can access courses anytime, anywhere, and as often as you like based on your availability. Through the use of interaction and knowledge checks, you can ensure your success.


        • Introduction, definitions and purpose
        • Overview of production processes
        • Basic level explanation of the important components & functions

        Educational goals

        • You understand basic process steps for paper production and maintenance

        Target Audience

        • Employees with little to no existing knowledge of the subject

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        Level 2: Intermediate knowledge

        General paper production knowledge, presented through face-to-face instruction, provides you an opportunity to gain feedback from experts in an interactive environment. The goal of these courses is to further enhance your knowledge while receiving new skills. Participants will have the opportunity to grow and develop under the instruction of our experts.


        • Further in-depth understanding of components & functions
        • Detailed description of process steps

        Educational goals

        • You can explain general work principles and technological aspects of topics at an intermediate level

        Target Audience

        • Employees with a general knowledge of the subject

        Level 3: Advanced knowledge

        Through the use of equipment, hands-on instruction, and live situations, you will receive an enhanced learning experience, provided under the instruction of Voith experts.


        • Classroom environment with hands-on instruction provides an in-depth look at topics such as operation, maintenance and controls
        • Maintenance strategies and best practices at an advanced level

        Educational goals

        • You can understand and explain operational, technical and control aspects of machine sections and subsections at an advanced level

        Target Audience

        • Employees with professional knowledge of the subject

        Training methods

          The training content can be imparted through different training techniques. Whether at your site or at any time and place via computer, the content and duration of the training are tailored to your needs.


          Classroom combines general paper production knowledge with a face-to-face setup for excellent knowledge transfer from the experts to the participants. This will be achieved through the Voith experts' availability to answer questions.

          We provide classroom training at either our Training Centers in Heidenheim, Germany, or Kunshan, China, or at your plant.


          Hands-on training is an all-inclusive method that has trainees learning certain tasks in a controlled classroom setting under the instruction of an expert. Through training under real-world conditions in the paper production hall, trainees have the opportunity to learn while developing a sense of empowerment and knowledge along the way.


          The participants can train according to their individual time schedule, independent of location. Tests and repetition will enhance and ensure learning success. Emerging questions will be answered by our support team in a timely manner.

          Virtual Reality

          Using the benefits of Virtual Reality technology, trainees can explore the paper mill and training scenarios without endangering themselves. This training method offers the possibility for virtual hands-on training without disturbing your paper production. The trainees are equipped with special glasses, headsets and supportive controllers; this permits total immersion into this special training experience.

          Find more training details here Virtual Reality Solutions by Voith Paper

          Training courses overview

            Choose from our wide range of training courses and use the filter options below to find exactly the course you are looking for. For more training details, click on your respective training course. Subsequently, you can send us your inquiry.

            Tailor-made training for you

            Paper mills are individual – and so are their training needs. With our training courses and paths, we aim to cover the most important training needs within paper production. Our training experts are at your disposal to develop and design a tailor-made training course jointly with you. Our goal is for you to find real advantage for your daily work from the time and money you invest in the development of your skills.

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            Global knowledge – our training locations

              To maximize your learning success, we have built Voith Training Centers at our headquarters in Heidenheim, Germany, and in Kunshan, China. The modern buildings with state-of-the art training equipment combined with highly skilled trainers support the entire learning process.

              Voith Training Center in Heidenheim (Germany)

              After construction for nearly one and a half years, Voith inaugurated the new Voith Training Center at its headquarters in Heidenheim, Germany, in May 2014. The new Voith Training Center combines a modern training concept with architecture, construction, building technology and design to create an innovative overall training experience. In an innovative yet functional environment, Voith trainers impart theoretical knowledge and practical skills with the latest training equipment. Voith has invested about EUR 16 million in the new Voith Training Center.

              Voith Training Center in Kunshan (China)

              As part of the Sino-German cooperation in vocational education, Voith China Training Center is jointly funded by Voith Group and the Kunshan government with a total investment of RMB 73 million. Constructed between November 2012 and April 2014, Voith China Training Center is located in the Voith Paper City, Kunshan, Jiangsu Province. 

              The facility, granted with the LEED gold certification for green buildings, has a net area of about 4,000 square meters that consists of one state-of-the-art practical workshop, 13 training classrooms, two meeting rooms and one multi-purpose lecture theater. Voith China Training Center provides its trainees with cutting-edge equipment and a strong faculty. The center is equipped with advanced machinery imported from Germany, with the overall equipment investment reaching RMB 32 million.

              Please contact us if you have any questions

                Mark Hodson

                Global Product Manager PaperSchool

                Learning and training course enquiries


                t +44 7802 161992

                Michael Neumann

                Global Project Manager PaperSchool

                Learning and training course developments


                t +49 7321 37 2451

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