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Papermaking 4.0

Virtual Reality Solutions by Voith Paper

Virtual Reality Solutions by Voith Paper enable you to experience your individual paper machine easily in virtual reality. Also trainings can be carried out in virtual reality. The complete immersion in the virtual world enhances the training effect. The result: More transparency, efficiency and safety over the entire life cycle.

Voith VR
Greater efficiency
Less downtime needed for operation and maintenance thanks to training in virtual reality
Greater safety
Reduced risk of accidents at work due to effective training in a safe, virtual environment
Voith VR

Greater transparency in planning phase

Experience your new unique plant realistically, before it is even built. Immediately understand the effects of configuration changes. Plan the infrastructure and inform stakeholders everywhere in the world about the importance of an individual component or function.
Voith VR
Efficient planning of paper mills
Voith VR
Informed stakeholders
Voith VR

Virtual reality training

Achieve better learning results with interactive training programs customized to your machine. Through experience with a larger number of sensory perceptions in virtual space, your employees develop knowledge about routine machine operation and maintenance in a safe environment.
Voith VR
Explore the machine
Voith VR
Simplify complex situations
Voith VR
Create realistic scenarios
Voith VR
Experiencing instead of learning
Voith Paper Virtual Reality

Experience virtual reality

Papermaking. Next Level

Voith makes it possible to experience any of its new paper machines in virtual reality. Whether planning your infrastructure, informing stakeholders or conducting training, benefit from the greater transparency, efficiency and safety throughout the entire life cycle of your paper machine.

Voith Paper VR Solution App

Either on the monitor or closer to reality with virtual reality glasses, you will experience your paper machine. Operation is via two controllers that enable you to move around in the virtual space and perform actions.

This allows you to explore the inner workings of your machine and develop knowledge about the functions of individual steps in the production process. Training tasks such as changing rolls or installing screens are carried out by your employees in a realistic but safe environment.

Would you like to experience it for yourself? Our web virtual reality application gives you a first impression of what you can expect with Virtual Reality Solutions by Voith Paper. Use the following link to view a simplified version of the virtual world of Voith Paper.

Link Web-VR  
Voith Paper VR Solution App

Benefit from our
Virtual Reality Solutions by Voith Paper

Virtual Reality Erleben
Plan with transparency
Experience the future machine 1:1 starting in the configuration and planning phase
Inform stakeholders
Present realistic details such as individual components and functions at any location
Develop infrastructure
Plan stock preparation, buildings and access routes more easily thanks to a realistic visualization of the paper machine
Train employees
Train while the machine is being built, thus accelerating commissioning and increasing safety
Simulate maintenance scenarios
Achieve better learning results with interactive training programs in virtual reality, thereby reducing the probability of errors and the duration of downtimes

Papermaking 4.0

    Voith Paper Thomas Boeringer
    Our goal is to optimize paper production by linking the possibilities of digitization with the physical production process. With Virtual Reality Solutions by Voith Paper, we are the first manufacturer to offer our customers a service solution that is perfectly customized to the individual machine and consistently exploits the possibilities of virtual reality.
    Thomas Böhringer, Vice President Data Management Voith Paper
    Voith Paper VR Solution App

    Voith Paper

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