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Stop-Start Technology

A Breakthrough Worth Stopping For.
Experience the new DIWA.6 Stop-Start Technology!

City buses spend up to 40% of their operating time in idling mode. The new Stop-Start Technology from Voith for the DIWA.6 transmission offers an ideal enhancement for these stop-times. This technology, already established in the passenger car field, contributes considerably to reducing fuel consumption when used together with an engine that is equipped with the same function. Test results show a fuel savings potential of 10-12% (depending on application). The great advantage here is that this requires only a software enhancement, with no need to modify the design of the existing DIWA.6 transmission. The Voith DIWA.6 can achieve the spectacular value of up to 180 seconds stop-time. This technology is already in use in more than 1.000 vehicles in the UK and has been proving its capabilities and reliability very successfully since July 2015.


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Benefits of the DIWA.6 Stop-Start Technology

In addition to more profitability due to the markedly reduced fuel consumption, the new and unique Stop-Start Technology for the Voith DIWA.6 transmission also offers a tangible added value to passengers, drivers and pedestrians thanks to the reduced noise during stop-times. This extension of our existing transmission leads directly to a reduction of CO2, NOx, particulate and noise emissions, which is a significant contribution to environmental sustainability. This enhancement of the DIWA.6 is an unparalleled and simple extension of an existing transmission for urban bus transportation, which increases the attractiveness of public transport, in addition to the economic benefits from the reduction of operating costs.

  • DIWA transmission supports a stop-time up to 180 sec.
  • A reduction from 10 to 12 % fuel consumption can be achieved, depending on application
  • Proven in service: More than 1.000 buses have already been equipped with Stop-Start Technology.

Working principle 

The engine normally starts only if gear selector is in "N" position With Stop-Start Technology, however, the engine can start even when the "D" position has been selected, because a certain CAN signal allows the DIWA transmission to recognize a Stop-Start sequence during stoppage of the engine.

Analysis of the operating data

Upon request of the operating company, Voith will provide detailed analyses of the operating data, such as the number and duration of stop-start sequences. This allows an adaptation of the transmission control system individually to each route, so that the advantages of the DIWA Stop-Start Technology can be optimally used.