Removal of contaminants with minimal fiber loss

    Cleaning systems are used to remove coarse or fine heavy and lightweight contaminants as well as entrained air. This provides a clean fiber material but also reduces wear and tear on the downstream equipment. Cleaners are used for recovered paper stock systems, approach flow systems, and stock preparation systems with virgin fibers.

    To minimize fiber loss, the rejects have to be processed in subsequent cleaner stages. In Voith's cleaner systems, in most cases two or three cleaner stages are required but no more than four stages.

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        BlueLine Advantages

        Reduced Fiber Loss

        Obstructive flocks are broken up to separate contaminants easily and reliably. The intermittent operation with a reject trap reduces the fiber loss to a bare minimum.

        Lower Maintenance Cost

        Since individual components are compatible across most cleaner sizes, fewer spare parts are needed. The Vortex Breaker significantly increases the life of the valves.


        Separation efficiency for most stringent requirements

        InduraPro is a two-stage protector system based on InduraHiClean high-consistency cleaners for the separation of highly abrasive contaminants. In the second stage, even particles like small stones and sand can be separated. As a result, IDP meets the most demanding requirements for yield and protection of downstream machines.

        In the InduraPro system, two cleaners in the first stage operate with a continuous reject flow. The reject is sent via a sedimentation tank to discharge heavy containments and a booster pump into the second stage. Here, the fibers are separated from the reject and fed back into the process. Due to the small diameter of the second stage, even particles like small stones or sand can be separated, and the separation efficiency is increased significantly.

        BlueLine Advantages

        Reduced Fiber Loss

        The first-stage reject is sent via an optional sedimentation tank into the second stage where the fibers are separated from the reject and returned to the process. Thus, the yield can be increased.

        Lower Maintenance Cost

        The reject from the first stage is continuously discharged and diluted into the second stage. Thus, the wear due to heavy particle enrichment in the first stage is reduced. Coarser contaminants are separated in the sedimentation tank to protect the second stage. The pre-treatment in the sedimentation tank, the reduction of the consistency and the smaller diameter of the second stage lead to a high efficiency. A longer service life can be set by reducing the differential pressure.

        HiClean HCL5-l with EcoMizer

        Maximum effectiveness and the least fiber loss

        HiClean HCL5-l with EcoMizer technology is a multi-stage system for cleaning fiber suspensions. It removes heavy contaminants in the stock preparation and approach flow systems.

        With stock consistencies of up to 3%, HiClean HCL5-I achieves the highest separation effectiveness thanks to its smooth inner surfaces and flow-optimized head piece. Cones made of plastic or wear-resistant ceramic flexibly adapt to the concentration of contaminants that are present.

        Due to the high concentration of contaminants in the reject, fiber loss is low. In addition, the EcoMizer dilution and continuous overflow ensure obstruction-free and low-pulsation operation in all stages, even with the highest stock consistencies.

        HiClean HCL5-I is for multi-stage fine cleaning of specific heavy contaminants from pulp suspensions in the stock preparation and approach flow systems.

        Your benefits with HiClean HCL5-l

        • Highest cleaning efficiency at high consistency
        • Low fiber content in rejects by using EcoMizer technology
        • Low stage factor and low flow at high consistency

        HiClean HCL5-C with LightPlus

        Combination cleaner for removal of specific lightweight contaminants

        LightPlus is an upgrade for HC5, HCH5 and HCL5 cleaners to a combined system for heavy and lightweight rejects. Mills that encounter lightweight rejects in their stock can use the LightPlus upgrade, which is a great value alternative to a large investment in extensive new lightweight cleaning systems. The combination cleaners ensure improved paper quality and a smooth downstream process with minimal investment costs.

        Your benefits with HiClean HCL5-C

        • Low specific energy demand, as no full-stream lightweight treatment is necessary and less cleaners are required
        • Reduced investment costs, as your existing equipment can be reused and investments in new equipment are minimized

        Lightweight cleaner LT3

        Reliable separation of lightweight contaminants

        The lightweight cleaner LT3 is a multi-stage system to be combined with heavyweight cleaning systems. It removes specific light contaminants such as Styrofoam, wax, stickies and adhesives. The lightweight cleaner LT3 is a co-current cleaner without crossflow or short-circuit flows. It has a large overflow cross section that ensures blockage-free operation and low pulsation. In addition, its compact and maintenance-friendly bank design is impressive.

        The lightweight cleaner LT3 is used in stock preparation and in the approach flow system to remove specific light contaminants from the suspension. It is also used for post-cleaning of the Combicleaner light reject and gas reduction.

        Your benefits with Lightweight cleaner LT3

        • No wax bleeding in final product
        • Reduced Styrofoam content
        • Reduced air content

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          Voith cleaner systems are able to run with the highest cleaning efficiency and the lowest fiber losses and power consumption. The combination of our protector system and heavyweight cleaners allows our customers to run their equipment with minimal wear.
          Thomas Jaschek, Global Product Manager

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            With the innovative BlueLine product line, customers profit from proven Voith quality in stock preparation and at the same time lower costs for the resources used.


              • Reliable protection for connected machines – InduraHiClean and InduraPro

                Reliable protection for connected machines – InduraHiClean and InduraPro

                English German
              • Maximum efficiency at high stock consistencies – HiClean HCL5-I with EcoMizer

                Maximum efficiency at high stock consistencies – HiClean HCL5-I with EcoMizer

                English German
              • Reliable separation of light contaminants and gas – Lightweight cleaner LT3

                Reliable separation of light contaminants and gas – Lightweight cleaner LT3

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