Worldwide, Voith has earned a reputation as a major pump manufacturer, evidenced by far more than 200 pumping stations equipped with our products, with a total power consumption of around 6 800 MW, storage pumps included.

The diversity of pump sizes and types manufactured in the course of these years is definitive of our efficiency in the field of pump construction.
We offer large capacity pumps to meet any need in:

  • Pumped Storage
  • Waste Water
  • Cooling Water
  • Drinking Water
  • Irrigation and Drainage


The torque converter provides the most time efficient startup and shutdown of a storage pump. It transmits torque and/or power from the motor-generator to the pump shaft by being filled with process water.

Startup of the storage pump begins during the filling process already. As the pressure level of the filling water rises, the torque output by the converter increases and thus accelerates the pump. This acceleration torque, which is very high initially, continuously decreases as secondary speed rises. When reaching the syn- chronous speed, the converter output torque corresponds to the pump priming torque.

Due to the soft interaction of these processes, the storage pump can be started up quickly and without load surges for the grid.

Axial-flow pumps

Discharge: from about 5 m3/s
Pump total head: up to about 15 m

Type of construction: propeller pumps with fixed impeller vanes and fixed guide vanes. Kaplan pumps with adjustable impeller vanes and fixed guide vanes

Application: storage pumps, cooling water pumps, circulation pumps, for drainage and irrigation plants, sewage pumps

Mixed-flow pumps

Discharge: from about 5 m3/s
Pump total head: up to about 60 m

Type of construction: fixed and movable impeller vanes, fixed guide vanes, single-flow, single-stage and multi-stage, discharge bend or spiral casing

Application: storage pumps, cooling water pumps, waste water pumps, feed pumps

Radial-flow pumps

Discharge: Single- and multistage radial pumps for discharges from about 1m3/s to 80 m3/sec

Pump total head: up to the order of magnitude of 500 m per stage and of 1 200 m and more in the event of several stages, with a maximum pump power of 260 MW at present

Type of construction: fixed impeller vanes and guide vanes, single- and double-flow, single- and multi-stage

Application: storage pumps, drinking water pumps, cooling water pumps, condensate circulating pumps

Selected references

Limberg II & Kopswerk II, Austria

The Kopswerk II and Limberg II pumped storage power plants in Austria produce clean electricity and help to contribute to the stability of Europe's electricity network; Voith delivered their critical components. read more