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Automated Manufacturing of Composite Components

Voith Composites

Voith Composites, located in Garching close to Munich and Grossbeeren close to Berlin, is specialized in the development and production of customized carbon / glass fiber and hybrid solutions for various industries. The production ranges from first concepts, design and construction of component prototypes to series production in industrialized manufacturing processes.

Ready for the age of Internet of Things (IoT), Voith Composites operates a fully automated, cost efficient production facility which makes the company outstanding in the market. By applying current processing technologies, Voith Composites is able to produce carbon fiber components as single parts, in small batches or large-scale industrial production runs.

  • Voith Composites has a track record in composites of more than 10 years
  • With a heritage of more than 150 years in high-end technology, plant and machine production, the company offers a unique skill set that comprises:
    • Engineering capabilities ranging from first concepts and designs to functional prototypes
    • Series production in industrialized manufacturing based on own developed machines and processes
  • Construction of customized production lines
  • All development and construction processes are based on state-of-the-art methods to design lightweight composite components
  • By applying current processing technologies, these components can be made as single parts, in small batches or large-scale industrial production runs
  • A wide range of services completes the products and service portfolio

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