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Hydrodynamic Torque Converter

Based on the fundamentals of hydrodynamic power transmission, Voith Torque Converters offer great versatility when it comes to torque and speed modulation customized to the characteristics of each individual driven machine.

Simple, proven, compact and robust variable speed and start-up solutions from 100 up to 250,000 kW.


    Gas Turbine Starters

    High breakaway torque and superior acceleration power for a reliable start-up of gas turbines.

    Subsea Pumps

    The cost effective and reliable solution for subsea variable speed pump and compressor drives.

    Test Stands

    The start-up and variable speed solution for large -scale compressor test stands up to 150MW.

    Voith Vorecon

    The Voith torque converter is one of the key elements when it comes to achieving variable speed inside our Voith Vorecon.

    Voith Vosycon

    The variable start-up solution for high inertia drivetrains that brings high efficient continuous operation by means of a mechanical lock-up.

    Starter Packages

    The pony motor start-up solution for large electric motors at weak grids and / or high loads.

    Other Applications

    The hydrodynamic torque converter is also used for other applications:

    • Volumetric pumps
    • Extruders
    • Agitators
    • Chain conveyors
    • Winches

    Technical Data


      Based on the indirect principle of hydrodynamic power transmission invented more than 100 years ago by Hermann Föttinger, torque converters are used to optimally adapt the characteristics of a driver to the needs of the driven machine. Mechanical energy, from a typically constant speed driver, is transformed into kinetic energy in a fluid flow by an impeller and reconverted back into mechanical energy via a turbine. The momentum support which is essential for torque and speed conversion is achieved by changing the flow by means of guide vanes.

      Output speed and torque can also be directly controlled by means of optionally available variable guide vanes driven by an actuator, which even further extends the possible operating range.

      Various integrated and optionally available accessories allow for flexible customization to meet specific demands:

      • Gears for individual speed adaption (input or output side)
      • Turn devices for cooling, brake-away and maintenance of turbines and compressors
      • Lubrication and / or operating oil systems
      • Mechanical lock-ups for highly efficient continuous operation


      Torque Converter designs are available in various different versions, offering high breakaway torque (up to 10x the input) or increased output speed (up to 2x the input). Voith is continually developing new types of torque converters to optimally match the area of peak efficiency with the optimal operating range of your system.


      Power 100 kW - 250,000 kW
      Output Torque up to 1,500,000 Nm and higher
      Input Speeds 500 rpm - 6,000 rpm
      Output Speeds 0 rpm - 12,000 rpm
      MTBF over 100 years
      Units delivered approx. 1,400 (within last ten years)
      First Voith Torque Converter 1950 (for industrial application)



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