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Food, beverages and tobacco

Optimum production and warehousing thanks to reliable air conditioning and drive components

Ideal production and warehousing conditions

    Cooling systems, ventilation and air-conditioning technology as well as drive components

    Voith provides important systems, technologies and components for the reliable, hygienic, safe, and sustainable production of food, beverages and tobacco products.

    Process air systems and cooling technology for highest product quality and efficiency

    There are strict requirements for climatic conditions and air technology in the production and warehouse area when manufacturing food, beverages, and tobacco products. Voith provides cooling systems and process air systems for the production and warehousing of dairy products, food, beverages, brewery and tobacco products. The scope of delivery also includes state-of-the-art system-oriented automation technology.

    Reliable drive components

    Reliable and highly available drive-system products are one important factor in achieving optimal production results. For example, fluid couplings can be found in the drive systems of grinders, mills and shredders. Voith control systems regulate steam turbines for power generation. In shredders our universal joint shafts transfer the torque efficiently from the motor to the shredder rotor.

    Customized fabrics and roll covers

    With roll covers made of various materials and high-tech fabrics, Voith provides high-quality solutions for the food processing industry. Leading-edge technology and efficient processes ensure high reliability. We deliver value-added solutions for your specific requirements.

    Our products for the food, beverage and tobacco industry:

    • Pallet cooling: cooling tunnels, cooling cells, rapid-cooling bays for warehouses
    • Fermentation and ripening rooms
    • Air technology for high-bay warehouses
    • Room and process air technology
    • Air conditioning and ventilation for special process areas
    • Conveyor belt cleaning
    • System-oriented automation technology
    • Fluid couplings
    • Universal joint shafts
    • Hirth couplings
    • Actuators and control systems for turbomachinery
    • Fabrics and roll covers

    Pallet cooling, process air technology, fermentation and ripening rooms for dairy processing

    Dairy products must be cooled down a certain way after being filled in order to achieve the desired product quality along with a precisely definable, long shelf life. In fermentation and ripening rooms for producing specific dairy products, room air conditions need to be kept within narrow tolerance ranges. Voith provides the dairy-processing industry with tailor-made solutions for pallet cooling (cooling tunnels, cooling cells, and rapid-cooling bays) and for fermentation and ripening rooms.
    Learn more about our air and cooling technology for dairy processing
    • Pallet cooling tunnel technology - ContiCool CC and StoreCool SC-Plus

      Pallet cooling tunnel technology - ContiCool CC and StoreCool SC-Plus

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    Air technology for high-bay warehouses, process air technology and pallet cooling for food production

    High-quality, microbiologically impeccable foods require a hygienically perfect production environment. Product-specific room conditions are extremely important when storing sensitive products. Voith provides room and process air technology systems for production, further processing, and warehousing.
    Learn more about our room air, cooling, and storage air systems for food production

    Air conditioning and ventilation for beverage producers and breweries

    When producing beverages, it is necessary to ensure hygienically perfect production conditions. Intelligent air technology concepts are indispensable for meeting the ever increasing requirements and output levels. From the brewhouse to filling and warehousing, Voith offers innovative and energy-saving air technology system solutions.

    Room and process air technology for tobacco processing and warehousing, drying systems for reconstituted tobacco

    The hygroscopic properties of tobacco require defined indoor climate conditions during processing. From raw tobacco to the finished goods warehouse, it is essential to preserve elasticity and aromas and comply with high hygiene standards in order to maintain uniformly high product quality. Voith has many years of competence in process and mechanical engineering and is therefore able to provide optimized air and climatic solutions. Energy-efficient drying systems with the required process air technology and heat recovery are offered for producing reconstituted tobacco.
    Learn more about our room and process air technology for tobacco processing

    Drive technology for steam turbines, conveyors, grinders and shredders

    When producing food, beverages, and tobacco, the reliability and durability of the production machines play a significant role. Voith provides highly available drive technology products for steam turbines, conveyors, grinders and shredders.
    Actuators and control systems for steam turbines Hirth couplings for steam turbines Fluid couplings for conveyors, grinders and shredders Universal joint shafts for shredders

    Roll covers and fabrics for production machines

    Our cutting-edge technology and efficient processes ensure a high level of reliability when manufacturing high-quality products. These are sustainable solutions that are specially fitted to your requirements.
    Roll covers Fabrics

    The right service for your needs

      Do you need service or spare parts for your plant? We offer the right service for every application.


        • Pallet cooling tunnel technology - ContiCool CC and StoreCool SC-Plus

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