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Precise and Powerful Support for Large Ships

Precise maneuvering and safe operation of tugs form one decisive factor for the efficient transfer of materials in the world's harbors. Tugs with propulsion systems from Voith make certain of this around the clock.

Space is at a premium in most large harbors: ships that are getting bigger and bigger must transfer more and more goods in increasingly short times. For this to happen quickly and smoothly, tugs must perform their tasks efficiently and reliably around the clock.

For such tasks where compact, maneuverable ships that can be steered with precision are needed, the Voith Water Tractor (VWT) is the perfect solution. At its core is the Voith Snyder Propeller (VSP). From full speed ahead to full speed astern in three seconds – no other ship propulsion system can do this so quickly. And no other system can match its enormous power while escorting. For this reason, the VWT is valued in many large harbors as an agile maritime worker bee. VWTs also transport pilots to ships and are used as salvage vessels or fire boats.

VSP technology is also used in the RAVE tug where two of the propulsion systems are located in the keel. This makes the RAVE particularly agile. An enhancement of this is the Carrousel RAVE Tug (CRT), characterized by a towing winch on a ring that can rotate freely around the deck house. This design principle reduces the fuel area and eliminates the risk of capsizing while towing.

Conventional Design

A true classic

The classic Voith Water Tractor design can be used with only a few modifications for escort duties as well. Ship owners all over the world have put this into practice successfully. An example is the Messico, one of the largest water tractor from Voith Turbo Marine so far.

Skeg first Design

Innovative solution

The "Skeg First Design" was developed specifically for escort duties in close cooperation with our clients. This included steering modifications such as the split control stand for longer escort distances.

The first Voith Water Tractor in "Skeg First Design" is the "Bess"; others followed.


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