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XcelLine Tissue Papermaking Machines – Driving Tissue

Voith – Your supplier and partner for successful tissue paper manufacturing

    Whatever the preferred properties or cultural demands, Voith is the respected and experienced supplier of complete tissue papermaking machines and high-quality components. From stock preparation to finishing, our XcelLine covers the complete production process. Tissue paper manufacturers profit from numerous benefits.

    Experts predict steady growth: By 2025, the worldwide production of tissue items will reach over 50 million tons per year - tendency rising. Within the paper segment, the tissue market is regarded as dynamic, innovative and future-oriented. Therefore, manufacturers need a reliable partner. As a leader in technology and innovation, Voith drives the paper market worldwide. As a full-line supplier, Voith not only offers a wide range of service solutions but also provides an excellent overview of the relevant trends. As a pioneer in digitalization, Voith shapes today's tissue market and lays the foundation for a successful future in close collaboration with its customers.

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    Since 2015, Voith has sold over 20 new machines to manufacturers of tissue paper
    9 minutes from "stock on wire" to "paper on reel" (Jiangxi Taison TM 10)
    Free virtual reality application for tissue manufacturers

    Taking a tour of a tissue papermaking machine from the comfort of your office or home? Our virtual reality application makes it possible! With the help of the immersive and user-friendly application, tissue manufacturers can experience our complete XcelLine tissue machine and individual components up close in a virtual space. Maximum transparency is the result. By clicking on the button below you can access the web-based version. For the best experience, use cardboard VR glasses for your smartphone.

    Discover the Virtual Reality tissue machine now

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    Customer benefits at a glance

      Fast startup – Saleable paper quality from day one

      With decades of experience and our highly specialized expert teams, we can ensure smooth, worry-free installation, a steep start-up curve and fast commissioning of our XcelLine tissue paper manufacturing machines. The result: saleable paper right after startup and a steep ramp up to the maximum operating speed.

      One such impressive startup of a tissue papermaking machine was the Shawano TM 3. The new tissue machine replaced the old PM 3, and thanks to Voith, only 30 days were needed from paper to paper.

      Another example of a very successful project start is the Lee & Man TM 12 in Guangdong. The hard facts: 28 minutes from “stock on wire” to “paper on reel” and saleable quality from the first jumbo roll of tissue produced.

      Best value for money – Thanks to reduced energy consumption

      Due to rising commodity prices, one of the biggest challenges in the tissue manufacturing industry is reducing energy costs without compromising paper quality. Best value and sustainability remain the key factors. Our state-of-the-art tissue machines and components are designed for this exact purpose: Customers benefit from a notable reduction in energy consumption while maintaining the required quality. Our superior components provide high energy-efficiency and achieve maximum productivity.

      For instance, our former with its low mist design is used to reduce sources of mist in the forming section. Energy savings of up to 48% can be achieved in the mist elimination system, because no active exhaust air is produced by fans. Another example: Our MasterJet Pro T headbox for optimum sheet formation reduces the flow to the headbox by up to 10%, because the cross distribution headers are designed without recirculation. The headbox thus contributes to significant annual energy savings. In the approach flow system, HydroMix enables homogeneous mixing while reducing cleaning intervals by half compared to conventional silos. This also leads to an increase in productivity and savings in footprint. In addition, we have developed a number of products to optimize the tambour changing process. Another key product in tissue technology is the EcoChange T. The system increases efficiency by up to 99%. Additional advantages: 80% less waste paper and fewer web breaks.

      Advanced technology – More profitable tissue production

      Leading-edge technology tailored to meet actual customer needs – that is what Voith has stood for over generations. Our XcelLine tissue papermaking machines and components enable a more profitable tissue production by connecting state-of-the-art technologies, products and processes. Customers benefit from enhanced paper quality, energy-efficient solutions, fiber savings and increased safety – and thus gain a significant competitive advantage.

      One of many outstanding success stories in tissue making technology is our NipcoFlex T shoe press. Compared to other conventional suction press roll systems, the Voith shoe press concept achieves up to 5% higher post press consistency. Consequently, the production capacity of the tissue machine can be increased by 20%, and the total thermal specific energy consumption is substantially reduced in the same magnitude. In addition, the need for coating chemicals can be reduced by as much as 30%. In most cases, manufacturers can expect a return on investment in less than three years. With around 50 successful installations worldwide and more than 600 shoe presses for all grades supplied to the market, our customers prove us right.

      In addition, manufacturers in the tissue industry trust Voith solutions such as our IntensaPulper, designed for efficient pulping of fibers from virgin pulp, recovered paper or paper machine broke in stock preparation. With IntensaPulper, energy savings of up to 25% are achieved compared to conventional low consistency pulpers. In this way, customers benefit from considerable cost savings. Another example is the cleaning system CleanLine Excell, for improved drainage and sheet dewatering for forming and press fabrics. The CleanLine Excell cleaning system uses less water than high pressure showers, thus significantly minimizing the need for chemical cleaning.

      For us, innovation in the tissue industry is inextricably linked with our customers’ needs. This is why we have established our renowned Tissue Innovation Center in Brazil. Here, tissue manufacturers have the opportunity to perform comprehensive tests along the entire tissue manufacturing process on our state-of-the-art tissue machinery. In addition, our customers can discuss individual challenges with our experts on site.


      Integrated solutions – Excellent performance over the entire life cycle

      Voith’s integrated solutions are designed for one single purpose: To ensure excellent performance over the entire life cycle of the tissue papermaking machine.

      Our customized product solutions cover the entire process of tissue paper production. SkySoft, for example, enables significant cost savings by reducing downtimes and increasing machine performance through a combination of optimal Yankee metallization and a high-precision creping blade. TerraDry HC+, a specially designed high-performance coating for Yankee cylinders, provides effective protection from excessive corrosion and wear. Qualiflex CrestT and Qualiflex CrownT are two superior press sleeves for tissue shoe press applications. The selected polyurethane materials ensure the highest possible abrasion resistance under challenging temperature conditions. And for maximum workplace security, we have developed ProTect – a semi-automated press felt measurement system. The system makes the entire process safe and accurate.

      Furthermore, Voith offers a wide range of customized services for tissue machines. With the well-established On-Site Yankee Services, tissue manufacturers can ensure the optimal condition of their cylinder. The comprehensive service portfolio ranges from diagnostics and mechanical maintenance to grinding and coating.

      As a pioneer in digitalization, Voith has been at the forefront of developing digital networked solutions and services for the entire paper industry. Voith Virtual Reality Solutions for example are used for a wide range of tasks. Using VR glasses, participants can take a virtual tour of a tissue papermaking machine. This allows for unprecedented transparency and valuable insights as early as the planning stages. In addition, it provides a safe training environment and offers a unique way of keeping stakeholders in the loop.

      Voith's digitization platform OnCumulus is a centralized, reliable hub for industrial data, providing extensive digital assistance as well as measuring and control systems combined in the product lines OnEfficiency and OnCare. OnEfficiency.Strength, for example, continuously measures and analyzes vast amounts of real-time data to ensure a secure process and consistent paper quality. This data is also processed and used to increase machine availability and to reduce off-spec production. OnCare was developed to minimize planned and unplanned downtimes. By constantly analyzing machine data, OnCare identifies problem areas and automatically generates applicable long-term data.

      Full-line supply – Single source solutions by Voith

      Excellent results, improved profitability and smooth project execution: As a full-line supplier with the most extensive portfolio on the market, Voith generates crucial added value for its customers. We design systems from a single source for the entire paper machine life cycle and cover all areas of tissue paper manufacturing. Our products and customized services are perfectly matched to complement each other. With our comprehensive range of products, we can streamline processes and offer substantial benefits to meet our customers’ individual demands.

      With our BlueLine stock preparation family, we offer a process line designed to handle lower-quality raw materials without compromising quality. Recycled fibers are made available with minimum fiber loss, which speaks to the line’s unparalleled cost efficiency. Available for all paper grades, our XcelLine tissue papermaking machines are in demand all over the world. Our single-source approach enables us to create seamless processes, which in turn ensure fast startups, maximum efficiency and minimum downtime.

      With the Process Line Package (PLP), we have perfected a low-risk, cost-effective method for quickly implementing complex projects. By assuming overall responsibility, administrative effort on the customer’s behalf is minimized and the costs of the total project become transparent. Since 2010, we have successfully completed 14 PLP projects worldwide.

      In addition, we can take on specific tasks or handle entire areas of our customers' production within the scope of service. We also provide training programs for our customers. Our Voith Paper Webshop enables customers to order spare and wear parts from all over the world – 24/7. We also offer innovative digital products and services. With Papermaking 4.0, we provide connected, smart solutions to make the papermaking process more efficient and stable while increasing the availability of our customers’ plants.

      From the very first minute of the project, Voith was a true and reliable partner. With the latest Voith technologies installed in the process line, we are sure to have a competitive advantage for the best of our customers.
      Jordi Gomà-Camps
      President of Gomà-Camps Group S.L.

      Our products for successful tissue paper manufacturing

        All of our technology, tissue papermaking machines and components are perfectly coordinated and integrated to ensure that tissue manufacturers continuously achieve their production targets. Below you will find useful information on some of our key tissue machine products and the many ways in which they increase quality and efficiency.

        MasterJet Pro T headbox – Highest tissue quality

        The MasterJet Pro T was developed to meet the specific requirements of tissue production. It provides the highest tissue quality with maximum efficiency.

        The MasterJet Pro T is a well-balanced combination of proven elements as well as new developments. It can be either equipped with a ModuleJet dilution system or with automatic slice actuation for basis weight CD control. Thanks to its design, short jet lengths and excellent jet impingement conditions provide the basis for the best formation results. To reduce energy consumption, the cross distribution headers are designed without recirculation. Additionally, a strong focus was placed on cleanliness to achieve superior runability.

        Benefits with MasterJet Pro T

        • High tissue quality with the best formation
        • Multi-layer technology
        • Easy access
        • Highest energy efficiency achieved by eliminating recirculation

        CrescentFormer – Perfect combination of low mist design and best formation

        The CrescentFormer, with its low mist design, ensures excellent formation and lowest energy consumption. The user-friendly design facilitates efficient operation.

        The outstanding formation results are ensured through years of experience in the Voith pilot facilities, where the most suitable combinations of machinery concepts and fabrics have been extensively tested.

        The patented, low mist design, with its specially designed splash guards and channels to suck and constrain mist, is a 100% maintenance-free solution. Thanks to unique features and tolls, the CrescentFormer provides a quick and safe wire and felt change for the best user-friendly operation.

        Using the Voith CrescentFormer with its low mist design we successfully produce high quality Tissue products in a clean environment. Compared to active mist removal systems existing in contemporaneous machines the CrescentFormer is really a clever solution: without using any energy the mist is extracted in the forming section of the machine. The TM 7 operators like the user friendly and dry operation environment.
        Christoph Maaß, Production Manager TM 7, Fripa

        Benefits of CrescentFormer

        • Excellent formation results
        • Clean, simple and user-friendly operation
        • Reduced sources of mist
        • Energy savings of up to 48%

        NipcoFlex T shoe press – Higher production and fast ROI

        Saving natural resources while considerably reducing energy costs, the NipcoFlex T shoe press helps customers improve their competitiveness and strengthen their market position.

        Compared to a configuration of suction roll pressed against the Yankee or earlier shoe press generations, the NipcoFlex T shoe press achieves a considerably higher dryness. And it does so without compromising paper quality.

        In addition, a significant production increase as well as energy savings are made possible by a higher dryness after the press. Furthermore, use of coating chemicals can be reduced. In most cases, a return on investment can be achieved in less than three years.

        Benefits with NipcoFlex T

        • Up to 5% higher dryness after press
        • Up to 20% higher production capacity
        • Up to 20% savings in Yankee steam and hood gas consumption
        • Up to 30% less coating chemistry needed
        • Return on investment of less than three years (depending on local energy costs) 

        • Innovation meets energy savings – NipcoFlex T

          Innovation meets energy savings – NipcoFlex T


        EvoDry Y Yankee cylinder – Maximum drying capacity

        An ideal Yankee runability is a prerequisite for high-performance tissue making. The EvoDry Y steel Yankee sets new standards in terms of efficiency, reliability and safety for tissue machines. Due to its ductile material characteristics, it allows superior drying and production rates while also significantly reducing the risk of serious failures.

        Voith applies the strictest manufacturing standards for the EvoDry Y to meet the high-quality demands of the tissue industry. We provide optimized solutions for condensate removal and combine state-of-the-art calculation methods with the experience of more than 350 delivered Yankees in crowning curves. The latter reliably compensate for surface deformations that naturally occur during operation. This results in excellent surface quality and perfect softness of the final product.

        With its patented welded design, the EvoDry Y provides lifelong tightness to prevent steam leaks from the head/shell connection. It enables the repair of even the most severe external damage. This makes the EvoDry Y the ideal solution for decades of safe and efficient tissue making.

        Benefits with EvoDry Y

        • Maximized drying capacity
        • Ideal runability
        • Lowest energy consumption
        • Highest safety

        EcoHood T – Optimized heat transfer and maximum energy efficiency

        Designed to meet the demanding requirements of tissue production, our EcoHood T yankee hood significantly reduces thermal and electrical energy consumption. At the same time, it ensures operation and maintenance at the highest possible level of safety.

        The optimized nozzle shape and geometry increase thermal efficiency by 5%, and electricity consumption is reduced by as much as 22%. Further adding to its unparalleled energy efficiency are the EcoHood T’s low hood gap of ≤20 mm and the high exhaust humidity of over 500 g/kg. Due to the thermal stability of the hood, the hood gap is retained even in long-term operation.

        EcoHood T is available in two versions: The EcoHood T is ideally equipped for supply temperatures up to 510°C, while the EcoHood T Ultra features an even more robust and rugged design that withstands thermal expansion and temperatures up to 650°C. Yet another option comes in the form of the Voith EcoHood T Clean. Its nozzle boxes provide easy access for inspection, cleaning and general maintenance thus making it the best solution for steam heated systems.

        Benefits with EcoHood T

        • Reduced steam and energy consumption
        • Heat transfer efficiency increased by 5%
        • Up to 22% less electrical energy required
        • Easy access for operation and maintenance
        • Highest level of safety
        • Nozzle boxes for easy access (optional feature)

        MasterReel T – Perfect reeling results

        The MasterReel T is a highly economic solution for the reeling of all tissue grades and for a good roll structure. Given that its safety concept is the main focus of this reel, it meets all necessary requirements.

        The MasterReel T will perform the main functions in automatic mode and is designed for easy operation. It is preinstalled and thoroughly tested on the shop floor. For quick and safe installation, the MasterReel T is delivered in large assembly units. Discover additional advantages in our attached video.

        Benefits with MasterReel T

        • Perfect reeling results due to constant nip pressure
        • Automatic reel spool return
        • Increased safety through full process automation

        Additional products, components and services

          SkySoft – Strong against wear, soft on the paper web

          SkySoft increases machine performance by combining optimal Yankee metallization and a creping blade. It ensures consistent and homogeneous tissue quality, reliable output and significant cost savings due to reduced machine downtime. Furthermore, SkySoft has no limits on operation bevels and can be customized to meet unique specifications.
          Read the SkySoft brochure

          On-Site Yankee Services – Where safety and productivity matter

          Maintenance and service are the keys to efficient paper production. From grinding and coating to mechanical service and diagnostics, Voith offers a reliable and fast cylinder inspection service. Thanks to our extensive know-how and years of experience, our solutions are setting standards in the tissue industry.
          Contact us Read more

          FilmLube – Integrated Uhle box lubrication

          Uniform conditioning of press felts is crucial for paper quality and machine runability, especially on high-speed tissue machines that operate above 1,500 m/min. In conventional systems, the Uhle boxes are lubricated by low pressure fan showers, which often get blocked and cause localized felt abrasion and a drop in felt performance. Thanks to a novel design, Voith’s FilmLube ensures uniform lubrication at all times.
          Learn more about FilmLube

          EcoChange T – Minimized core waste and highest turn-up efficiency

          The tambour changing system EcoChange T ensures the highest changing reliability with minimum broke quantities at the reel core at maximum operational safety. In this way, the overall efficiency of the change process is increased significantly. The open design provides optimum accessibility for setting, cleaning and maintenance.

          CleanLine Excell – Consistent and uniform cleaning

          For highly effective surface and structure cleaning of forming and press fabrics, CleanLine Excell is a superior alternative to oscillating high pressure needle jet showers and standard traversing showers. The system uses less water (and energy) than high pressure showers, significantly reduces chemical cleaning and is even suitable for fine fabric surfaces.
          LEARN MORE Read the product brochure

          TerraDry HC+ – High performance coating

          Offering higher productivity and less downtime, the repellent and resistant TerraDry HC+ is a high-performance coating for Yankee cylinders specially designed for protection against excessive corrosion and wear.

          QualiFlex CrestT & CrownT press sleeves – Ultimate dewatering

          With CrestT and CrownT, Voith offers two superior press sleeves for tissue shoe press applications. They enable stable machine operating conditions and increase efficiency. Selected polyurethane materials ensure the highest possible abrasion resistance even under challenging temperature conditions. Both the open area and void volume can be designed exactly to your needs.
          READ MORE Read the product brochure

          ProTect – Safe felt measurement system for the press section

          ProTect is an inexpensive and nonetheless extremely safe solution for exact and repeatable measurements of the various press fabric parameters. It replaces the manual measurement work performed by the service personnel with a mechanical system. Its self-propelled carriage transports any variety of measuring device along a traversal beam, which keeps the operator out of danger outside the fabric run. The system can be used at various points in the press section. For maximum flexibility, the easy-to-operate ProTect accommodates a wide range of measurement equipment to suit individual requirements.
          READ MORE ABOUT PROTECT Read the brochure

          Forming and press fabrics – Higher runabilty and paper quality

          Forming and press fabrics significantly impact the productivity and overall quality in tissue manufacturing as well as throughout the entire paper production process. To meet specific customer requirements, our unique portfolio contains a wide range of forming fabric and press designs – suitable for all tissue paper machine configurations.

          Our experienced engineers will support you in selecting the best fabric design to meet your tissue production’s individual requirements.


          Personalized Voith Paper Webshop – Simple, automated order handling

          The Voith Paper Webshop is the shortest, easiest and fastest way to your original Voith parts. It enables registered users to view all information about a machine at a glance in the personalized myVoithPaper section – from the original delivery to the order history and operating instructions. Seamless integration of the Voith Paper Webshop into the customer's purchasing system enables optimized processes and reduced administration costs. Of course, a secure exchange of data is guaranteed.
          CONTACT US Get to know the webshop

          How can we help you?

            Do you have questions about our tissue papermaking machines, components or services? If so, do not hesitate to contact our experts. We are happy to help you!


            Marcus Schwier

            Director Tissue Sales & Application


            t +49 751 83 2348

            ASIA PACIFIC

            Roland Hu


            Sales Manager Tissue Machines


            t +86 512 36635181

            Thomas Schaible

            North East Asia

            Director Overseas Sales


            t +81 3 6221 3103

            Adam Moran

            South East Asia

            Managing Director P&S SEA


            t +62 267 419719


            Arijit Deb Mallick

            Senior Sales and Application Manager


            t +91 33 2300 5534

            NORTH AMERICA

            Alos Almeida

            Senior Technical Sales Tissue Machines


            t +1 920 358 2349

            SOUTH AMERICA

            Marcos Scheil Goncalves

            Sales Manager Tissue Machines


            t +55 11 3944 6704

            News from the world of tissue

              Tissue World Sao Paulo 2019: Wrap-up of presentation "Key success factors for major tissue business expansion"

              Sustainable paper prodution and environmental responsibility have always been a primary concern for The Navigator Company. The Portugal based pulp and paper group is Europe’s top producer of bleached Eucalyptus globulus kraft pulp and has a forestry management system certified by the most widely respected international organizations. With the support of Voith Paper, it is currently undertaking a major expansion in the tissue sector.

              The new XcelLine tissue machine delivered by Voith is located at their Cacia site in Portugal, one of the biggest short-fiber pulp production plants in Europe. The TM 1 minimizes the consumption of electricity, thermal energy and water energy, and maximizes efficiency – a big contribution to sustainability and to the environment. In a joint presentation at Tissue World Sao Paulo, Paulo Santos, Mill Manager at The Navigator Company, and Ronaldo Parucker, SVP Strategic Technology Manager at Voith, showed how the full scope of supply of Voith Paper technology helped to expand their sustainable tissue business. Watch the video to learn more about the project.

              Ronaldo Parucker

              SVP Strategic Technology Manager Tissue


              t +49 7321 37 2359

              Tissue World Sao Paulo 2019: Wrap-up of presentation "Smart upgrade solutions for tissue process lines"

              Tissue producers are seeking nowadays to optimize their paper production process, but which optimizations are really useful and value-adding?

              At Tissue World Sao Paulo, our Product & Service Manager Daniel Schoeps da Silva showed Voith's Solutions to reduce operational costs and increase the sustainability of customers' activities. With decades of expertise in tissue production, Voith has a complete portfolio of solutions to enhance the performance of existing lines both with minor and major rebuilds. Watch the video to learn how Voith improves forming fabric cleaning, felt lubrication and the turn-up process.

              Daniel Schoeps da Silva

              Global Product & Service Manager Tissue


              t +49 7321 37 9627

              Tissue World Sao Paulo 2019: Wrap-up of presentation "The smart evolution for Tissue 4.0"

              The classical process optimization undergoes a revolution. Old questions find new and better answers than ever before. Tissue making is optimized using the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), but how?

              At Tissue World Sao Paulo, our Sales Manager Marcos Scheil Goncalves presented Voith's concept based on modules to create a perfect fit solution for each individual tissue application. In the presentation he also adressed topics like overall efficiency, profit margin, maintanace and the optimum use of resources without sacrificing quality. Watch the video to obtain his personal summary and impressions.
              Contact the speaker

              Interview with Martin Jauch, Senior Vice President Tissue

              Martin Jauch, Senior Vice President Tissue, Voith Paper, heads up the new Voith tissue organization. In our interview, he presents his vision for the Voith tissue organization and how customers benefit. Other topics discussed in the interview are innovations, Voith's tissue portfolio, Papermaking 4.0 and service among others.
              Read the interview

              Interview with tissue expert Ronaldo Parucker "Time for Tissue"

              Due to an increased awareness and a stronger focus on health and wellbeing, lifestyles are changing quickly. As a result, the global demand for tissue paper is growing rapidly. Voith Paper’s Strategic Technology Manager for Tissue, Ronaldo Parucker, presents his vision for the future and talks about market challenges and pain points.
              Read the expert interview

              Discover our free VR application for tissue machines

                We developed an immersive and user-friendly application that allows papermakers to explore our tissue-specific technology in a virtual space. Tissue manufacturers can experience our complete XcelLine tissue machine as well as individual components and their benefits for the production process.

                Engineered for success

                  All references at a glance

                  Find a list of all global Voith paper machine references clustered by paper grade (board and packaging papers, tissue, specialty papers, graphic papers) as well as technical data – and where available – photos, videos, technical articles and customer statements on individual paper machines. The application also provides filtering options such as country, start-up year, design speed, basis weight, annual production etc.
                  Browse through our PM References tool

                  Four successful startups of Voith XcelLine tissue machines at Lee & Man in 2017

                  On December 23, 2017, the new Voith XcelLine tissue machine TM 12 was successfully started up at Guangdong Lee & Man. It only took 28 minutes from "stock on wire" to "paper on reel". From the very first parent roll produced, the tissue was of saleable quality. TM 12 was the fourth XcelLine tissue machine delivered to Lee & Man in 2017; the previous three were TM 9, TM 10 and TM 11.
                  Learn more about the successful startups at Lee & Man

                  Superior startup and finish: Tissue XcelLine TM 7 at Ejea de los Caballeros

                  The new Tissue XcelLine TM 7 was successfully commissioned in March 2018 at the Ejea de los Caballeros mill of Gomà Camps Consumer in Spain. The smooth startup was achieved by means of the state-of-the-art XcelLine concept, which includes the latest energy-saving Voith technology. As a full-line supplier, Voith delivered the entire process line package to Gomà Camps.
                  READ MORE

                  Voith sets records with startup of Shawano TM 3

                  The new tissue machine TM 3, supplied to US tissue and specialty paper manufacturer Little Rapids Corporation, went online six days ahead of the contract schedule. As a result, a mere 30 days of total plant downtime were needed. The maximum operating speed was reached during the first week while the produced paper was saleable paper from the very first day.
                  Read more about the record startup

                  XcelLine from Voith: Maximum performance from the full-line supplier for tissue production

                  The startup of the Cheng Loong TM 16 in Taiwan took place in September 2015. Its operating speed is up to 2,001 m/min, which is the fastest speed with a steam hood in the world, leading the industry in several performance indexes. At this record-breaking high speed, the steam consumption of the TM 16 is still very low, at only 1.65 metric tons of steam per ton of paper.

                  The range of tissue paper uses

                    Tissue papers improve our everyday lives. They are tear-resistant, highly absorbent, soft and sanitary. Due to improved standards of living and hygiene, the global consumption of products, such as paper handkerchiefs, kitchen towels, napkins and toilet paper is increasing rapidly. On average, a person living in an industrialized country uses several kilograms of tissue paper every year.


                      XcelLine from Voith: Highest performance from the full-line supplier for tissue production

                      Read the press release
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