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Test Engineering

Testing Products Enhances Safety and Reliability

Adaptive Drive Solutions for Test Bench Applications

    Voith supplies the drive systems for high-performance and reliable component testing.

    High-performance test rigs are indispensable in test engineering – whether in re­search and development or in production and quality assurance. Regardless of whether you are testing the drive itself or the complete machine, drive systems of test rigs are crucial for effective and reliable component testing.

    As individual as your test rig may be, we adapt our products to your individual re­quire­ments. You will find Voith drive systems in development test rigs and in end-of-line test rigs with powers from a few 100 W to more than 30 MW.

    Our mechanical or hydrodynamic drive components for test rigs are rugged by de­sign, providing a long life. Your testing is safe and quick, even with special torque and speed profiles.

    Reliable Products for Test Benches

      Voith offers a wide product and services portfolio for the test engineering industry. Customers can benefit from our long-term experience and our state of the art products. Our solutions help to keep test benches moving and mechanical products to stay safe and certified.

      Our Services for the Test Engineering Sector

        Every day holds new challenges. We help you master them successfully. Anytime. Anywhere.

        Our customers can always count on us if they need help with their products. We offer unique service solutions and fast respond times for customers in the test engineering industry.

        Great People Working on the Future

          Passion for technology. That is what all Voith employees have in common while working on a wide variety of tasks. Developing innovative and reliable power transmission solutions for mechanical engineering requires out-of-the-box thinking and a global mindset. Click on the following links to learn more about what makes Voith unique and what is about to come in the next 150 years.