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DuoCleaner Service

DuoCleaner Service

The ideal solution for cleaning clothing

Our DuoCleaner Service guarantees clean clothing that is free of deposits. It has never been easier to get the best cleaning performance from DuoCleaner Express and DuoCleaner Excell.

The efficient DuoCleaner cleaning system uses up to ten rotating, fine high-pressure cleaning jets to work deep into the structure of the clothing. To ensure that the DuoCleaner is permanently available and in good working order, the maintenance requirement has to be identified in good time.

Typically, leaks, fouling and wear on pumps and the traversing unit cause an uneven CD moisture profile. To counter these problems before they occur your DuoCleaner system requires needs-based maintenance.

Voith will provide you with a comprehensive service suited to your requirements. Our extensive service package includes the following:

• Status check
• Inspection of DuoCleaner
• Service report
• Replacing spare and wear parts
• Technological optimizations

Voith is not just a paper machine manufacturer that is steeped in tradition; it can also draw on more than 20 years of service experience in the field. The know-how gained through installing over 750 DuoCleaner systems led to the development of process flows that are standardized but can still be customized to your requirements. With the DuoCleaner Service from Voith you can be confident of having a competent and reliable partner at your side.


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