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DuoShake Service

DuoShake Service

The key to perfect formation

An annual service ensures maximum availability of the DuoShake, resulting in optimum formation combined with maximum productivity.

Through its high-frequency shaking, DuoShake optimizes the fiber orientation in the breast roll. The resulting low MD/CD tensile strength ratio leads to improved formation of all paper grades.

To achieve the required formation, it is necessary to invest in preventive maintenance. The timely replacement of wear parts avoids unscheduled production downtimes, reduced machine speed or in a worst-case scenario, a complete breakdown, because all these problems may be the consequence of failing to perform maintenance regularly.

Voith will provide you with a comprehensive service suited to your requirements. Our extensive service package includes the following:

• Status check
• Inspection of DuoShake
• Service report
• Replacing spare and wear parts
• Technological optimizations

A service technician will also remain on site to provide support during the re-start, to ensure that your production starts up smoothly again and that the DuoShake is functioning properly.


  • Total Equipment Service - Reliable all-round service for your requirements