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Smooth and splash-free color application

The DynaCoat coating unit is specifically designed for efficient use in the lower speed range and up to six meters of web width. It prevents deformations due to thermal influences.

The core of the DynaCoat is the blade beam design, which prevents deformations due to mechanical or thermal influences. Coating blades in stiff blade and bent blade mode can be used as metering elements and a Rollflex metering rod can be used for leveling. Due to new kinematics and the use of standardized hydraulic cylinders instead of pneumatic cylinders, the DynaCoat usually requires less space than existing coating units. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for rebuilds.

The DynaCoat is ideal for coating board, but is also used for graphic and special paper up to six meters in web width. At higher speeds, a JetFlow F applicator is used instead of the roll applicator.