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Lower maintenance costs due to newly developed design

InfibraDisp is part of the Compact Dispersion System in stock preparation. The system provides reliable operation with only three machines.

BlueLine Advantages

Higher Runability

The stable welded design of the disperser enables long and reliable operation.

Lower Maintenance Cost

The good accessibility of the machine facilitates the replacement of the filling and reduces maintenance times and costs.

Lower Energy Consumption

The newly developed high-speed feeder achieves consistently high-value results with low inputs of specific energy.

The reduced number of machines enables less building space up to 35% as well as an easy handling of the system. In addition, energy savings of up to 10% are achieved.


The newly developed double-flight design of InfiltraScrewpress leads to a more homogeneous and continuous discharge of the pulp. This optimization results in an improved pulp heating and chemical mixing in SpeedHeater as well as the avoidance of performance fluctuations of InfibraDisp. The special design of the screen element SplitScreen enables the single exchange of the screen plate and therewith lower maintenance time and costs.


The steam heating unit SpeedHeater offers a fast retention time of just 15 – 30 seconds without the need of an additional shredder screw. The shortened time conserves a higher brightness of the pulp. The efficient mixing increases the homogeneity of the pulp.


The new Voith disperger InfibraDisp achieves outstanding dispersion results with lower energy consumption. The energy savings are made possible by the homogenous and continuous pulp feeding of the high-speed feeder, which achieves a more even pass of the filling. Also, maintenance and operational costs will be reduced, because no drive and bearing of the feeding screw as well as sealing water supply is needed.


Anne Marchand

Global Product Manager


t +49 751 83 3997


  • Compact Dispersion System - Three machines for an outstanding dispersion process

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With the new BlueLine product line, customers profit from proven Voith quality in stock preparation and at the same time lower costs for the resources used.