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Efficient deaeration without foam tanks

InjectaPump guarantees stable operation, even with highly varying foaming behavior and changing amounts of foam. Since it combines foam destroyer, subsequent de-aeration and pump all in one machine, the investment cost is low.

BlueLine Advantages

Lower Maintenance Cost

Since the foam deaeration pump combines foam destroyer, subsequent deaeration and pump in one machine, the required space as well as the investment and maintenance costs can be reduced.

With the new foam deaeration pump InjectaPump, noticeably less space is required for foam deaeration in the flotation. The foam tank for primary flotation as well as the foam tank for secondary flotation including stirring units, is omitted. Long downstream pipes and pumps with high delivery pressure can also be eliminated.

Thanks to its low power consumption (power input between 20 - 60 kW), InjectaPump is inexpensive to operate. When passing through InjectaPump, the air content of the foam mass is reduced from up to 80% to an average of 8%.

InjectaPump can be used in the flotation stages of all manufacturer systems.


Antje Voiron

Global Product Manager


t +49 751 83 2633


  • InjectaPump - Optimized foam deaeration reduces space requirements

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With the new BlueLine product line, customers profit from proven Voith quality in stock preparation and at the same time lower costs for the resources used.