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Energy-efficient screening in stock preparation

The flow-optimized machine housing contributes to the efficient screening process of IntegraScreen in stock preparation.

BlueLine Advantages

Higher Runability

The flow-optimized machine housing in combination with the high-quality Voith MultiFoilTM rotor and C-barTM screening basket leads to high sticky removal efficiency.

Reduced Fiber Loss

The thickening of the reject will be decreased due to the additional reject dilution as well as the integration of the reject recirculation into the machine. As a result, fiber losses will be reduced.

Lower Maintenance Cost

The standardization of spare parts within the Integra product family reduces the required storage area. Moreover, high-quality screening equipment from Voith enables long running times.

Lower Energy Consumption

The use of low energy rotors achieves lower energy consumption and reduces energy costs.

Screening systems are used in various phases of stock preparation and papermaking for all kinds of furnish. The flow-optimized machine housing of IntegraScreen generates constant flow and pressure conditions around the basket. As a result, the reduced reject rate in combination with the high-quality Voith MultiFoil rotor and C-bar screening basket lead to high sticky removal efficiencies. Therewith higher runability of the paper machine as well as increased paper quality could be achieved. In addition, the high-quality screening equipment reduces the maintenance costs.

The improved machine housing makes possible the discharge of the light reject via the standard reject pipe. This saves investment cost for piping, valves, pump and instrumentation as well as energy costs.

The flow principle from the bottom to the top enables an integration of the reject recirculation into the machine, preferably at the final stage. Together with the additional reject dilution, simplified by the up-flow principle, the thickening of the reject will be reduced. Thus, clogging caused by to high thickening will be avoided. Furthermore, the lower reject consistency leads to a reduction of losses.


Paul-Wilhelm Sepke

Global Product Manager


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With the new BlueLine product line, customers profit from proven Voith quality in stock preparation and at the same time lower costs for the resources used.