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Enormous energy savings and high yield

LowEnergyFlotation (LEF) is a patented low-energy deinking flotation with minimal fiber loss. It effectively removes inks and hydrophobic contaminants from recovered paper.

LowEnergyFlotation is characterized by high contaminant yield with simultaneous energy savings of up to 50%. Thanks to the self-cleaning clog-free and wear-free system, no maintenance work is required. For particle sizes between approximately 5 and 500 µm, LEF ensures the best possible gain in degree of whiteness and the highest reduction of dirt specks.

Through the separate optimization of the sections, the two-stage system structure with primary and secondary flotation performs contaminant removal with minimal fiber loss.

LowEnergyFlotation is used in stock preparation when manufacturing graphic paper and hygienic paper. EcoCell flotation systems can be easily upgraded for LEF. The upgrade of older E-Cells even goes along with a production increase.


Antje Voiron

Global Product Manager


t +49 751 83 2633




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