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MasterJet Pro T

MasterJet Pro T

The smart headbox for best tissue paper formation 

MasterJet Pro T is a maintenance friendly headbox for efficient tissue paper production. It offers excellent jet quality for optimum sheet formation while reducing energy consumption of the approach flow system and forming section. 

The headbox MasterJet Pro T for tissue paper impresses with a smart and robust design of its components. The conical header can be fixed either directly in the headbox body or in the former’s frame. This guarantees best hydraulic performance and a constant cross directional pressure for a smooth production of tissue paper. Moreover, when the conical header is fixed to the former’s frame, a tube bundle with hoses easily connect it to the headbox body in both configurations, single and multiple layers. Before entering the turbulence tubes, the stilling chamber equalizes the flow in order to improve the cross directional machine parameters for excellent tissue paper. The turbulence generator is equipped with two stepped tubes whose outlets are squared in order to avoid missing tubes on the edges. Also, their half-hexagonal shape on top and bottom enables a more uniform suspension jet. On the layered headbox design, the flexible lamella with titanium tip results in easier installation and maintenance in the demanding environment of tissue paper production, as well as best layer purity without the risk of streaks.