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Reject screen clearing blades

Reject screen clearing blades

Clearing blades for long service life

The reject screen is a non-pressurized final-stage screen with screen tray and special rotor. It features various clearing blades for the functions of clearing, loosening and distributing.

The effectiveness of the reject screen is decisively influenced by the quality and service life of the clearing blades. The forged blades have a long service life due to a special tungsten-carbide coating, with the special shape of the blades protecting the rotor itself against wear. Operational reliability is thus increased and a consistent screening quality  ensured. In addition, the high level of precise fit when using original screen trays and original clearing blades prevents damage and wear on valuable machine parts, thereby reducing downtime.

The reject screen with forged clearing blades is used in the final stages during the preparation of recovered paper or pulp.