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    OnCare is a sustainable way to increase plant productivity by decreasing unplanned and planned downtime while simultaneously increasing the efficiency at which machines can be maintained. This allows for maintenance efforts to be optimized and costs minimized.

    Maintenance can be a long and inconvenient process, resulting in extensive and costly downtime. When the downtime in unplanned, the cause of the issue has to be identified, spare parts organized, and maintenance staff scheduled. Planned downtime too can be a time consuming and risky effort as the situation has to be manually evaluated with manual effort.
    The OnCare systems are specifically designed to decrease these costs and efforts and the troubles they pose to the customer. Digital solutions monitor plants, recognize problem areas, and automatically generate applicable long-term data. This way, unplanned downtimes can be avoided and planned downtimes can be coordinated to optimize time, cost, and efficiency. These concepts increase plant uptime and decrease maintenance costs.

    OnCare encompasses three systems: Condition Monitoring (CM), which enables predictive maintenance; maintenance process and material stock management and control through Asset Management (OnCare.Asset); and MEx Maintenance Excellence (Mex), which is an improved method of staff training and support. Each of these concepts raises maintenance efforts to a new standard.
    These systems enable greater understanding and visibility of machines and plants, thus making proactive and efficient management of maintenance activities possible. This directly decreases unplanned and planned downtime. These efforts result in higher plant uptime, while maximizing productivity and minimizing maintenance costs. Each of these solutions functions on its own or integrated together.


    Intelligent sound analysis for hydropower plants with Voith OnCare.Acoustic

    With OnCare.Acoustic, Voith supports hydropower plant operators in discovering potentially dangerous incidents by detecting sound anomalies, classifying them into warnings and alarms, and allocating them to specific equipment. This allows information to be derived for smarter recommendations and decisions with regard to maintenance and operations. OnCare.Acoustic is based on Voith’s Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) OnCumulus platform, and can be extended with more functionality by adding OnCumulus.Suite to the package.

    Hydropower plants are already highly automated today. As hydropower plants are often located in remote areas, problems might remain undetected and could cause severe damage to equipment. Many hydropower plants are unmanned, relying on regular service cycles and monitoring systems to discover any anomalies that could lead to dangerous incidents. Without monitoring systems and advanced analytics, hydropower plant operators risk possibly dangerous conditions, especially with equipment that has no condition monitoring or is not continuously observed.

    Modular packages for individual requirements

    The new modular OnCare.Acoustic offering supports hydropower plant operators in becoming aware of and discovering potentially dangerous incidents by detecting sound anomalies. The sound monitoring system contributes to ensuring the reliability, availability, and safety of hydropower plants. It is equipped with an acoustic sensor and the BlueBox for connecting data to the cloud. The offering includes different modular packages.
    Plant operators can be informed about suspicious, detected sounds that have already been preclassified in warnings and alarms. This helps customers to decide if they need to take action.  By classifying the events and allocating them to specific equipment, plant operators get further insights into their hydropower plant and thus increase the probability of identifying possibly dangerous conditions, ahead of other alarms.
    Additionally, experts from the OnPerformance.Lab offer consulting services that include the analysis of inspection and maintenance reports in combination with operation and condition monitoring data. As a result, customers receive recommendations on how to improve their maintenance and operations.

    Key Benefits

    • Recognize, understand, and interpret sound anomalies
    • Modular packages for individual requirements
    • Cloud-based application and highest security industry standards

    Cloud-based application and highest security industry standards

    OnCare.Acoustic is based on the IIoT OnCumulus platform and therefore offers the benefit of bringing together information from different sources and applications. The acoustic monitoring system meets the highest industry standards and best practices in regards to privacy, security, and compliance. The cybersecurity experts at Voith ensure end-to-end security at all times.

    OnCare Condition Monitoring

    A way to predict and plan maintenance activities

    This tracking tool analyzes the functioning of parts and uses the data to predict when maintenance is needed. Problem sources are identified quickly, automatically, and safely rather than manually. The result is decreased unplanned plant downtime and less maintenance time. The predictive system allows for convenient planning of maintenance activities.

    Key Benefits

    • Increased availability
    • Optimized maintenance costs
    • Minimized risks
    • Stabilized quality
    • Improved shut down planning
    • Higher plant uptime
    • Maintenance efficiency
    • Root cause identification


    • High analytical functionality
    • Automatic alert generation
    • Creation of maintenance actions (OnCare.Asset integration)
    • Available and experienced support


    Manage and monitor maintenance processes and material stock

    This computerized maintenance management system increases accessibility, usability, and transparency of plants. The system helps monitor, plan, and manage maintenance activities, improves performance, and enables easy spare part management. It grants easy access to support and increases mobility and proximity of process control, as well as interconnectivity of equipment.

    Key Benefits

    • Increased transparency
    • Efficient maintenance management
    • Less complexity
    • Improved support
    • Increased information availability


    • Planning and scheduling
    • History tracking
    • KPI monitoring
    • Mobile availability
    • OnCare CM integration
    • RFID/QR code part identification
    • Maintenance process management


    Improving maintenance service and support

    OnCare.MEx is a smart service module which is a new form of training, organizing maintenance and support activities. This module helps/supports  implementing best practices for shutdown planning & scheduling and best practices for planning & scheduling, non-shutdown. This concept accelerates and improves service and provides comprehensive consultations as well as accurate and expanded knowledge. Additionally, smart tools increase assistance efficiency and sustainability. Maintenance and support can be provided timely and with great efficiency.

    Key Benefits

    • Organization efficiency
    • Cost control
    • Convenient planning
    • Maintenance strategy
    • Implementation support
    • Specific expert training
    • Predefined maintenance processes

    The hydropower plant’s “ear”: Landsvirkjun and Voith launch joint pilot project in Iceland

    Landsvirkjun, the national power company of Iceland, and Voith have launched a joint pilot project on intelligent noise analysis in hydropower plants. Voith installed OnCare.Acoustic in the Budarhals hydropower plant in Iceland. It will detect turbine noise that deviates from normal conditions to prevent potential shutdowns in a timely manner. In addition, the continuous analysis of machine data is designed to facilitate an optimized mode of operation and the intelligent scheduling of maintenance work.


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