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Customers first.
Customers are at the very center of all Voith’s activities.

What are the defining characteristics of a healthy partnership? Offering the best products? Contributing experience? Most of all - it needs one thing: Relations. We are telling of such relations. Relations between Voith and its customers.

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Building models, one-to-one 1:1 design model for the new Stockholm metro

“In addition to the engineering specifications, this project places high demands on logistics and the need to meet really tight deadlines.”

(Steffen Schaarschmidt, Head of prototype construction at Voith Engineering Services)

As the word says, a mock-up is a copy of something real – sometimes such a good copy that it is impossible to distinguish it from the real thing. But does it have to be an entire metro? Yes, it does.

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StreamDiver®: Small but powerful

All over the world there are run-of-river power stations with low heads whose high energetic potential could so far not be utilized. The StreamDiver® ideally combines the demands on economy and ecology needed by these plants.

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Share knowledge – celebrate success together The mentoring model of Voith

“I have got to know experts from various countries, have observed how our international colleagues grow into their roles, have myself learned a lot from them and have seen that the customer was satisfied.”

Jörn Brand (Site Manager at Voith Industrial Services)

Satisfied customers - every member of the more than 43,000-strong Voith workforce does their part every day to help achieve this goal. And knowledge sharing is one of the cornerstones of this success.

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Innovations Ideas for the Market

Voith is a pioneer in respect of innovations and technology. With around 400 new patents each year Voith belongs to the top 20 patent applicants in Germany.

Precondition for really new products is an open corporate culture.
Research and development as well as fastest possible time to market of new products have become decisive competition factors.

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Making Climate-Friendly Electricity Possible Voith Technologies Boost Energy Switch.

"Climate change and diminishing resources are a challenge. Yet they also present opportunities for growth with new solutions."

(Dr. Hubert Lienhard, President & CEO)

Hydro power stations from Voith supply climate-friendly energy worldwide. Voith is at the forefront with all developments of new forms of regenerative energy generation: for example the potential of the oceans that has so far hardly been exploited.

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Mobility for Megacities Our Contribution for the Megacities of the Future

Thanks to Voith technology, buses and rail systems in megacities operate reliably, safely and eco-friendly.

Voith equips buses and rail systems in large conurbations with the latest technology - from automatic couplers to hybrid drives. Voith therefore makes a significant contribution to modern, safe and eco-friendly mobility of people and goods.

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Small Hydropower solutions of Voith

Clean, efficient and reliable

Engineering Services

Design, planning, consulting. Our services for the mobility sectors

Did you know our people are as varied as our markets?

Working for Voith.

Quality – Experience – Technology

Voith Paper – Product of the month October

Our service experts get the best out of your paper machine.

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Due to its new material, the HiPlast Black cleaner cone is a nearly unbreakable and wear-resistant alternative in stock preparation.

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Step-by-step automation system upgrades – the new platform from Voith Paper makes it possible.

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Real-time measurement in the nip with NipSense2 – for high-quality paper.

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DuoCleaner Excell – an efficient system for consistent and uniform cleaning of forming and press fabrics.

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Reliable dewatering performance with QualiFlex Crest and QualiFlex Crown – The new press sleeve for your application.

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Higher after press dryness and considerable energy savings with NipcoFlex T, our proven shoepress for tissue production worldwide!

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The new SensoTension LC sensors ensure constant belt tension in your wire, press and dryer sections.

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InForce can be stressed like steel and is gentle like polyurethane. The highest dewatering performance is possible due to maximized surface designs.

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Calculated with a reliability of 99.98% –

The Vorecon.

With high efficiency, the Vorecon controls the speed of pumps and compressors. The power transmission is up to 50 Megawatts – equal to the power of 90 formula 1 racing cars! A survey taken in 2013 has shown another impressive value: a reliability of 99.98%.

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Small Hydropower solutions of Voith –

Clean, efficient and reliable

Small hydropower plants make mostly use of rivers with no large dams and reservoirs. They are either grid connected or they can also be used for isolated homes, small communities or rural industry in off-grid remote areas – and improve the livelihood of many people all over the globe.

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Voith Service for Rail Vehicles:

Independent, Comprehensive, Modern

From fast spare parts delivery and custom-engineered service products to effective training and our worldwide on-site service: You benefit from Voith Service thanks to our expertise in the field of rail vehicles.

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Limberg II

Securing our energy supply, balancing our grids –

with pumped storage power plants

They are flexible, dynamic and highly efficient: pumped storage power plants. Thanks to their mature technology, they can quickly store surplus electrical energy and feed the grids when the demand for energy is high.

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Worldwide: In response to the extreme demands of public transportation the DIWA automatic transmission is Voith´s answer.

Voith at the IAA Commercial Vehicles

New hydropower dimensions

On the threshold to the one-gigawatt machine

Voith has concluded one of the largest hydropower projects in the company’s history this year: Xiluodu. The impressive plant is now in operation – and it paves the way for the future.

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Under the motto "Connecting Forces - Driving Innovation", Voith will be presenting state-of-the-art components and systems for rail vehicles at InnoTrans - the drive technology of tomorrow.

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Under the motto "Driven by Efficiency" Voith will be presenting its latest products and solutions for trucks, buses and coaches at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show. The focus is on higher efficiency.

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50 anos. 50 iniciativas

Todo mês um novo projeto que influenciou diretamente no desenvolvimento e progresso do Brasil ao longo dos 50 anos de história da Voith no país. Leia também curiosidades diversas sobre a Voith e seus mercados.

Resources are limited. Ideas are not.

Sustainability at Voith.

Ecological and social responsibility have first priority for Voith. Acting sustainably is an essential element of our success. We are making our sustainability strategies open to the general public.

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Whether if controller, technician or mechanical engineer: Become a Voithian and contribute to shape the future of Voith.



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Global Presence

Voith has locations in more than 50 countries in the world: our employees are wherever our customers are.