Energy transition

Pumped storage power plants play a vital role for future energy supplies. Without these huge power stores, the energy shift will not succeed.


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Energy transition

Hydro power is the technologically most advanced regenerative energy. Today, hydro power stations all over the word make an essential contribution to combating climate change.


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Energy transition

Electricity means light, heat, mobility. Large hydro power stations generate enough power to supply big cities and industries. Reliably, safely and eco-friendly


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Making Climate-Friendly Electricity Possible

Voith Technologies Boost Energy Switch

All over the world, hydro power stations from Voith generate eco-friendly electricity safely and reliably, while Voith pumped storage power stations ensure stable power grids. Voith is at the forefront of all developments focusing on new ways of regenerative power production - for example the potential of the oceans that has hardly been untapped so far.

Hydro power is currently the technically most developed regenerative energy. Over 80 percent of all electricity generated from renewable sources originate from hydro power stations.

And the possibilities are enormous: in North America, only 33 percent of the feasible potential are being utilized, while the figure for Europe is 30 percent, for Asia 23 percent, for South America 20 percent and Africa 8 percent. The worldwide electricity consumption is set to grow at a steady pace, especially in the emerging markets. The ultimate goal must be to satisfy this demand with hydro power stations, in order to counteract the effects of the climate change: technologies from Voith ensure that this can be done.

"Climate change and diminishing resources are a challenge. Yet they also present opportunities for growth with new solutions."

Dr. Hubert Lienhard,
President & CEO

No Wind or Solar Energy Without Hydro Power

Pumped storage power plants are actually the key - without them, the energy shift would not be possible at all.

Nobody can guarantee that the sun will shine and that the wind will blow.

These huge energy storage systems take up surplus electricity from wind and solar systems and redistribute it in times of undersupply. Pumped storage power stations can start up within seconds and ensure stable grids, as well as reliable power supplies. Voith is the technology leader in this field and can look back on more than 100 years of experience.

Electricity from ocean energies

Tidal energy has enormous potential to generate electricity from the natural currents of the oceans. According to the International Energy Agency, six percent of today’s energy demand could be met by tidal energy. This energy source can substantially contribute to renewable energy production. Moreover, tidal currents are able to supply base load electricity to the grid as they are highly predictable. 

In 2012, Voith has successfully tested a 110 kW tidal turbine in Jindo, South Korea, and is about to install a 1 MW commercial size tidal turbine at the European Marine Energy Center (EMEC) in Scotland. The Voith HyTide tidal turbine has a direct drive, does not require pitch or yaw (symmetrical blades) and uses sea-water-lubricated bearings. Voith’s philosophy is to deliver simple and robust technology, designed for the harsh offshore environment.