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The best features of Warsaw's low-floor tram

Voith Components make a significant contribution to the driving comfort and the safety.

Warsaw has about three and a half million inhabitants. The metropolis also has one metro system, 219 bus routes and 27 tram lines. The latter criss-cross the city on a 121-kilometer network and connect the center with the agglomeration.  More and more passengers step into one of the PESA 120Na SWING vehicles. And now with even more comfort because of the new low-floor design.


The state-of-the-art low-floor articulated trams are successively replacing the older 105 Na und 13N series. The advantage over the predecessor model: not a step too many. Not at the doors, the gangways or the spaces above the gear units. Ideal for mothers with prams, older or disabled passengers.     


A fact that has also been made possible by the Voith gear units installed vertically to the wheels and thus allowing deep-set wheelset shafts. As a result, nobody is likely to stumble - and everybody gets to the city more comfortably. A total of 186 trains were ordered. The last ones are being delivered over the following months.  

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Every day millions of people travel by train. Where the highest demands in reliability are called for, the services of Voith Engineering Services are indispensible. The engineering experts of Voith Industrial Services support their customers in all phases from design through production planning to commissioning.

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