Rail Vehicles

Rail Vehicles

Rail Vehicles

Leading in rail travel. We provide the technology

In keeping with the times: Voith products for your mobility

The landscape flashes by the compartment at breakneck speed - the swing classic “Chattanooga Choo Choo“ by Glenn Miller can be heard from the headset of the onboard radio. Is there any better-known song? Rail travel has connected people for a long time. Today, you can work comfortably while riding the rails. Or relax. Why drive yourself instead of being driven? The world is moving ever faster in today's information age, mobility is becoming increasingly important. Our products for rail travel help you keep up with the times. Greater efficiency through higher speeds, greater comfort and exceptional reliability. Many freight and passenger trains around the world operate with our products, components and systems. Rails make the connections - We provide the technology.

The hydrodynamic principle revolutionized technology and made Voith Turbo one of the world's leading companies. Voith has been building and improving turbo transmissions as well as hydrodynamic couplings, converters and retarders for more than 75 years.


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A country drives ahead

Voith-RailPacks for Poland

Poland has a strong economy and is an important transit country. The country’s rail transport has always played an important role. The Polish manufacturer PESA is fitting its two-car railcars in the Bydgoszcz area with a total of eight Voith-RailPacks – for the first time with diesel engines from Voith. The RailPacks are reliable, have a long service life, and require little service and maintenance. Even on long routes.

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